Published 2017-04-24
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9 Reasons why LEFTIERS are better!

15% of the world’s population is left-handed people and there are twice as many left-handed men as left-handed women! However, life has mostly been tough for these people! Some parents still insist on their kids to write with their right hand, like something is wrong with the left one! In this article, we are going to go through some facts to why left handed people are simply better ones!

1. More money

It’s time for left handed people to rejoice! Lefties are mostly more creative and they also have a better control of different abilities so they are more likely to be rich! Their mindset works in a more different and more unique way which cause a better result for employers. Some of MENSA’s geniuses were left handed such as DaVinci, Einstein, Michelangelo.
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2. Better 3D perception

Left handed and right handed people see things differently. They even hear things differently but we will elaborate on that part later. These people are better with optical illusions and they’ll get a better result in brain tests! Just give them a picture and ask them to find hidden objects. You will witness how better their mind works than righties.

3. Hear better

Lefties are more likely to different frequencies more accurately. As the right side of the brain is specialised in hearing different types of sounds, left handed people hear better because they are connected to the right side. By using these findings, scientists are trying to find more solution for lefties who are going through illnesses!
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4. Sporty

Turned out that lefties are better even in sports like tennis, fencing and boxing. 40% of gold medals in boxing are won by these people. As for tennis, Rafael Nadal, the greatest clay-court player in history, is a left-handed tennis player. His uncle who was also his coach thought this was an advantage on the court and man, he was right!

5. Artsy

People who are left-handed are more likely to be better in any visual tasks. It is proven that students who are majored in visual based majors and language ones are more likely to be left-handed. If you want to be an artist and you are left handed then you’re a natural! Why don’t you give it a try?
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6. Higher IQ

Seems like left handed people are winning the game in every single field! According to a research which was done by St.Lawrence University in New York people with IQs more than 140 are more left handed ones. Well, Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin were left handed so it is a known fact that they are much smarter!

7. Better drivers

Considering the fact that most cars are designed for right handed drivers, it is a surprise to know that left handed drivers are the better ones! A poll in a driving school has found that 57% of left-handers pass their driving test on the first attempt in comparison to 47% of right-handers. So if you are a left-hander, you might find driving a lot easier.
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8. Faster recovery

It is been said that left handed ones are more tend to recover faster from stroke than right handed people. Some believe that it is due to the fact that lefties are able to use their non-dominant hand better. Living in a right-handed world, they have managed to strengthen both hemispheres of their brain.

9. Better memories

And finally, lefties tend to have better memories! The interesting thing about the study that proved this is that you don’t necessarily need to be a leftie in order for this theory to work for you! Coming from a leftie family will do the same! The studies show that left-handedness may be passed down separately.
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