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10 Things to expect when in a relationship with an August born

1. Perfectionists

People born in August have a little bit of an OCD trait in them. If you live with an August born, you could relate to the horrors we are talking about when it comes to cleanliness. Just kidding! (not.) They hate messiness and wants everything in its place the way they want it. Dirty clothes on the floor is a big NO-NO. The plus point? Clean house every day!

2. Always right

They can’t let you go off without having the last word; they are too stubborn for that. Don’t even bother trying to win an argument. It will never happen. And the worst part is that they know they are always right and they are! The smug look on their face followed by their fav line “I told you so,” gets on our nerves every time. But we still love them nevertheless.
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3. They need their space

August borns need their personal space. It takes time for them to open up and talk about their feelings, so don’t lose hope if they are not open. They are just taking their time to get comfortable around you. Believe it or not, they get quite anxious if someone makes eye contact with them, so be patient! And no matter how they love you, sometimes they prefer to have to have their “me-time.”

4. Great writers

Their awkwardness prevents them from being very verbal of how they feel. But they make it up by writing. They do have the tendency of channeling their thoughts and feelings into words. It’s possible they have a daily journal somewhere, but that does not give you permission to read it! If they want you to know how they feel, they will tell you.

5. Money-smart

They are excellent with their finances, so you will never see them in debt. They don’t ask for money from others either. They plan financially for the future by keeping a tab on their spendings and savings which prevent them from going overboard with all their purchases. And if you’re a kind of person who has difficulty in money management, your August partner can be your personal financial advisor *wink*

6. They’re stubborn

We already know that August borns need their alone time, privacy and that they are not expressive when it comes to their emotions. But what if they are in immense pain or heartbroken? They have too much pride and ego to allow people to see their sensitive side. As a partner, all you can do is give them time to tell you how they feel. You’ll soon see their vulnerable side which no one knows about.

7. They’re picky over people

You might find them annoying or selfish, but they only get close to people who they think deserve their love, time and attention. It’s only because not everyone can deal with their behavior. And they will show how much they love and appreciate you for that. So consider yourself very lucky to be their partner! It may sound like they are difficult, but they aren’t. They are full of life and love.

8. They get bored easily

Not everything interests them, so you will have to find creative things to do on dates. But the best thing about them is that they know how much thought and care you put into the gifts and dates, they will definitely show you how appreciative they are. If they love you, spending time with you is all that matters to them. So use your imagination and try to make things interesting.

9. Easily irritated

People born in August are very smart, and they cannot handle people who ask stupid questions. They get annoyed at the smallest things and will not hesitate to show it. So think twice before asking questions to your August partner. Ask yourself ‘Am I asking a dumb question?’ Unless you are 100% sure of it, don’t ask. But they’ll still love you, even if you get on their nerves.

10. They are expressive

If you are an August born’s partner, you will know that once they open up to you, there is nothing stopping them. They are quite expressive when they come to their facial expressions. Happiness, excitement, love, sadness, anger, disgust will be shown all over their face. So if you know them well, you will know the meaning of each expression too. Do you think we had it right? Let us know! Don't forget to share this article with all your friends and family and feel free to leave a Like on our Facebook page!
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Mahajan Akshita
Mahajan Akshita 5/27/17, 6:19 AM
This is fuckn true man
Trisha Shukla
Trisha Shukla 5/24/17, 6:19 AM
Stubborn Stubborn Stubborn
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma 5/24/17, 6:19 AM
Baki 9 things aur bhi hai.
Trisha Shukla
Trisha Shukla 5/24/17, 6:19 AM
Perfectionist ----no Writers ---- no Expressive----- no Money smart ----no
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma 5/24/17, 6:19 AM
Brahmastra is equal to all the good things which exist in this world..
Kritika Chawla
Kritika Chawla 5/24/17, 6:19 AM
Jaggu u don't write
Priji Shankar
Priji Shankar 5/24/17, 6:18 AM
Not required at all.. Don't waste ur sorry Dude
Priji Shankar
Priji Shankar 5/24/17, 6:18 AM
Let it be. #HaveYourSpace hasta la vista
Ruchi Dhar
Ruchi Dhar 5/23/17, 6:16 AM
Pehli baar reply kiya h
Jagriti Aggarwal
Jagriti Aggarwal 5/23/17, 6:16 AM
Jyotsna Gupta Kritika Chawla
Kritika Chawla
Kritika Chawla 5/24/17, 6:19 AM
Jaggu u don't write
Nikita Daga Jain
Nikita Daga Jain 5/23/17, 6:16 AM
Chck the points.. itz suits me not yu
Nirmit Tripathii
Nirmit Tripathii 5/23/17, 6:16 AM
Shyamili Toluchuri
Shraddha Vanage
Shraddha Vanage 5/23/17, 6:15 AM
Only need space wala is true ..
Pritee Phadnis
Pritee Phadnis 5/23/17, 6:15 AM
Himani Parakh Payal Vasagadekar Pratiksha Kiwale Manali Bhattacharya read this!!
Chandrika Apurva
Chandrika Apurva 5/23/17, 6:15 AM
Aww baby stubborn nk :) never in debt ;)
Baljinder Singriwal
Baljinder Singriwal 5/23/17, 6:15 AM
Vijay Krishna
Vijay Krishna 5/23/17, 6:15 AM
So damn true
Ujani Uj
Ujani Uj 5/23/17, 6:15 AM
Vijay Krishna
Vijay Krishna 5/23/17, 6:15 AM
Yaad aani hi chahiye...aur especially aug 10 ko kahi mat jana
Mir Jawad Baloch
Mir Jawad Baloch 5/23/17, 6:15 AM
Bs kabhi garoor nai kiya.
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