Published 2017-04-28
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There are 4 types of people born in APRIL. Which one are you?

1. First group

1st to 8th of April. Appearance wise, people that were born in this month have an average height, square face, messy hair, dark eyes and full eyebrows. Keep in mind that whatever we just mentioned about their appearance may change depending on their genes of course. Personality wise, they react right away in a very aggressive way. So whatever you say just be ready to be fired back by their reaction.

When it comes to family however they are very loving and caring. They feel very responsible, especially about their parents. Probably if you are going to end up with these people, you just have to accept their parents as an important, present part of their lives. Of course, you need to gain their approval if you want to stay with your partner. They also build a strong bond with their friends. What we are about to mention now may not sound much appealing to ladies but men prefer to have sons!

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