Published 2016-11-22
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Reasons why people love Rajinikanth!

Rajinikanth is also known as Thaliva(Legend) aka Rajini is a South Indian superstar who works in the Tamil cinema industry. His life is a perfect example for a rag to a rich story. He is 65 years old and he still acts as the main lead actor in all his films such is his craze. His most recent movie was Kabali which had the highest box office opening of USD13 million on the first day itself, beating all other Indian movies.

True facts:

Rajinikanth was a bus conductor before he started acting in movies. There is a story stating he was first seen by one of the directors in a bus when he was showcasing his talent on how to chew a gum. His style amazed the director and it's still the most appealing for his fans.

Did you know that Rajinikanth is one of the top earning actors charging about 45 to 50 Crore rupees per film. And the best part is that he returns his money to the producers when the movie fails to do good business at the box office. This is not all he also stays a very simple life, unlike other celebrities.

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As for the fans, I think this guy is a lucky man. It sounds surreal but his fans pour milk on superstars life size posters just like they pour milk on a god's idol and conduct huge prayers on the day his movies is released. They say when Rajini releases his movie, it's a festival and the most interesting fact is that many companies have officially given their employees a holiday in South India on the day his latest movie Kabali was released.

True facts: 1

His popularity is such huge that he's the only Indian actor who has featured in high school syllabus in a lesson titled “From Bus Conductor To Superstar”. In 2014 Rajini started using Twitter officially and he was followed by 2.10million people in the first 24 hours. According to The Economic Times magazine, it was the fastest rate of followers for any Indian celebrity on the social networking site.

In 2016 Air Asia one of the leading airline company started running flights between India and Malaysia with superstar Rajinikanths poster on every flight. He might be very old but this man is giving a run to all the new coming actors. Air Asia usually sticks posters of huge celebrities that are mostly famous in Malaysia. Who wouldn't like to be posted on a plane?!

He has a huge number of fans following him not only in India but also in Japan, China and most of the South Asian countries. According to a Japanese news article, Rajinis movies Muthu and Basha have had a huge impact on the people in Japan and there is a fan in Japan who flies to Chennai all the way to watch every Rajinis movie first day. He is not the only one crazy about Rajini. There is another fan in Japan who imported an autorikshaw from India after he watched Basha in 1995 just because Rajini was driving an autorikshaw for his daily expenses in the movie.

You can call it love or craze, but its normal for Rajinis fans. There is a diehard fan of him named Ravi who climbed 1200 steps of a temple on his knees just because he wanted Thalaivas movie to be successful. This story inspired a French director and she ended up making a documentary film titled “For the love of a man”. I think these are the perks of being a diehard fan of Rajinikanth aka Thalaiva.

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Unlike his onscreen flamboyant and bombarding attitude, Rajinikanth in his actual life is a very generous, humble and modest person. He's always very active when it comes to different social causes. It is worth mentioning that he has donated a lot of money to the earthquake and the flood victims in Japan and Chennai respectively.

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Path to Fame: Rajinikanth
Krishnan A
Krishnan A 11/26/16, 7:06 AM
ajit is super than rajnikant
Chandrasekaran Veerappan
Chandrasekaran Veerappan 11/26/16, 7:06 AM
One moon one rajini one India one super star magnetic Power of the man
Thalaivaa Marees
Thalaivaa Marees 11/26/16, 7:06 AM
Ellam actorum better than rajini
Raj Sharma
Raj Sharma 11/26/16, 7:06 AM
Fan to hu but muje unki kabali movie bilkul pasand nhi aayi
Vijay Sanjay
Vijay Sanjay 11/26/16, 7:06 AM
working hard acting for his fans
Dilli Prabu
Dilli Prabu 11/25/16, 7:06 AM
#SuperstarRajinikanth is the man known to break the records he himself sets. Such is the fan following for Thalaivar. #ProudToBeThalaivarFan #EmperorOfBoxOfficeCollection #KingOfIndianCinema
Sujoy Sarkar
Sujoy Sarkar 11/25/16, 7:06 AM
His style is awesome so everybody like this guy...Ok vai Bhujte pero6o
Vinoth Kumar
Vinoth Kumar 11/25/16, 7:06 AM
These people are the real hero and super stars, I salute these heros, rajini is a shelf man
Raftaar Singh
Raftaar Singh 11/25/16, 7:06 AM
Wah bhai kya style hai
Sanju Soni
Sanju Soni 11/25/16, 7:06 AM
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