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What is your personality based on your blood type? BLOOD TYPE AB!

We have already talked about all the other blood types. You could read the articles about A, B and O on our website or our Facebook page. This would be the last article of our blood type series. As it has been mentioned before, it is not easy to believe that we might pass down some of our characteristic traits to the next generation but it is possible! Throughout this series, we have covered all that could be covered so why don’t we get to the last one?

What is your personality based on your blood type? BLOOD TYPE AB! 1

It might be due to the fact that AB blood type is the combination of A and B but these people are masters of multitasking! They will finish the work in no time! No matter how many things they were doing simultaneously. They are skilful operators and even though they handle many things together, they do them all just right! A quality that everyone envies! But this doesn’t mean that they lack emotion!

These people are so emotional that they will cry to every single movie they watch with a faint theme of sadness! They don’t hold their tears back, let them run like rain! Depending on the situation they are in, their reaction changes which is pretty normal but that confuses some of the people around them. They might even strike you as double-crossers but the truth is that they are just acting in the way that they think is the proper way.

By getting closer to them, you will be able to understand that easier. They actually are quite innocent and timid, even shy at times. They don’t really want for other people to learn much about their personality, that is why they don’t show up. Firstly, they study your personality, and then they decide if they really want to unveil their true self to you! Because of how gullible and innocent they are deep down, they cannot let that get to the surface.

Challenges are not their thing! They don’t like to win or go in the way of others to get what they want. They would rather go with the flow and ease up. They hardly get overwhelmed by their surroundings. If we want to sugarcoat it, we can say that they cooperate. If not, they easily give up. Nothing can make them want to get out of their comfort zone and grab the chance that is knocking on their door.

They have a wide range of interest so it is never difficult to start or continue conversations with them. You will enjoy every second of talking to these people due to their numerous hobbies and fields of interest. However, the real problem is that they cannot get along with people easily. In spite of being incredibly kind and warmhearted, they lack the skill of communication.

They love to do voluntary projects and that comes from their kind heart. They love to help other people as much as they can. And of course, it would be a big surprise if they were not people’s person. They are loved and admired by so many people. When it comes to love, they know exactly what they want and how they want it. They will just go and get that person right away. Although when they get in the relationship, it is really difficult for them to say what they want at the beginning of it.

In order to set everything clearly at the beginning of the relationship, they will do that throughout the relationship. The save their complaints for the last. Had their partner known about this earlier, they wouldn’t have gotten themselves in this! They also like to be treated just like a princess/prince. Eating in fancy restaurants, getting a bouquet of flower for no special reason and all that! Someone that can make this come true is their soulmate.

If that is not the case, they will be annoying by imposing their ideas on their partner and they always end up being cross and having quarrels. But if you really like them, it is easy to get past that phase only by providing them with the ideal atmosphere they need. As the times goes by, you will both learn how to communicate with each other.

Some key strategies for a better life of blood type AB people. First thing would be cultivating their social nature in order to break the communication ice they always face. To prevent the rush, it is always the wise decision to have a schedule to know exactly what to do. They also need to have some time only for themselves to improve their sense of independence.
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