Published 2017-05-12
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There are 4 types of people born in AUGUST. Which one are you?

Welcome to our eighth version of the series. To read the previous months you can go to our website or our FaceBook page. August was the sixth month before but when they added January and February to the calendar it changed to the eighth. Even the number of days were different before! 29 back then and later on two more days were added. August is known as the harvest month. Now it is the time to learn about the personality traits that they all share!

They are very private people and they get stressed if you stare into their eyes! If you do, they will get anxious and make mistakes! That is why they express themselves way better when they are writing. They are always right no matter what! They have a zero tolerance for disagreement so it is better to give them the benefit of the doubt! They are so cheerful only when they feel like it! Otherwise, they would stare at you with cold, soulless eyes! If fails to interest them, they will forget all about them! But now it’s the time to get to each group for more accurate information.

1. First group

1st to 8th of August. People that were born in this group were born under their lucky stars! They are unbelievably lucky so if you want to win a bet, you need to take them with you. They are very affable. It is just a matter of a second before whole people surrounding them, know them. Very sociable! The life of the parties. A great company to go anywhere with.

Not only all that, they actually have whatever positive characteristics that you can ever think of. In friendship, there is nothing that they wouldn’t do. They put their friends first and would go to great lengths to keep them happy. They will never ever break their promises! If they give you their word to do something, they will do it unquestionably. In social and employment matters, they are successful.

2. Second group

The second group of people would be the ones that were born on 9th to 15th of August. A violent spirit is what these people have. They might be quite aggressive and quite strict. Of course, adjectives such as serious and impatient would suit our description perfectly. You don’t really want to bite the wolf! If you want to get along just fine with these people, you need to do whatever they ask you to do with no 'ifs' or 'buts'. If they feel like a corporation is going to harm them slightly, they will definitely quit it with no hesitation.

These people are not fond of jobs that need so much time and effort. They prefer to go with something that needs the less amount of effort and hard work. They are more likely to work in jobs that need trading skills like a salesman. Some of these people work with their sixth sense which is pretty accurate in comparison to the rest of the people. You can also find these people in fortune telling business because of their strong sense of foreseeing the future.

3. Third group

From 16th to 22nd would be our third group. These people are pretty much the same! Their personality trait is nothing better than the previous group but at least something good can come out of perseverance! They are extremists and aggressive. Basically whatever you read for the previous group applied here. They are quite chatterboxes and they possess a BIG skull which might be the reason why they can predict the future so accurately.

Despite all that, they are sensitive individuals. They have a photographic memory and they can remember every single thing vividly with all the smallest details. They outsmart everyone's that tries to prove them wrong. The most rational people you would probably have ever encountered. If you are talking to these people be ready for the firebacks and the tantrums that are going to be thrown at you if you are being irrational or offensive. They could be great accountants.

4. Fourth group

The last group would be from 23rd until the end of the month. People that were born in this group are hypersensitive. They react to everything so fast and extremely. They have no faith in future and for that, they prefer not to communicate with other people much. In their eyes, you can see a great, unknown sadness that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

These people are incredibly picky with everything. They hardly are satisfied with what they’ve got and mostly see the glass half empty. Whatever that you want to do, they make sure to come up with the worst case scenario to make you regret your decision. They only depend on themselves. Cooperation doesn’t exist in their world! And of course, all these can change depending on their surroundings!
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10 Traits August borns are known for
Avanti Patwardhan
Avanti Patwardhan 6/10/17, 6:14 AM
I think the person who wrote this was born between 1st-8th August
Ashika R Melethil
Ashika R Melethil 6/4/17, 6:14 AM
Lol look who is talking hahah
Annie A
Annie A 6/4/17, 6:14 AM
Hehehe i am talking baby bear
Ashika R Melethil
Ashika R Melethil 6/3/17, 6:12 AM
I guess you don't know my DOB
Annie A
Annie A 6/3/17, 6:12 AM
I asked is it for aggressive,,, hahaha
Neha Thakur
Neha Thakur 6/2/17, 6:12 AM
Mine is all wrong! Main khud se bada pyaar krti hun na...apni burai ni pd sakti
Karuna Pillai Ver
Karuna Pillai Ver 5/30/17, 6:10 AM
It is Parsi new year.!!
Darshana Jain
Darshana Jain 5/30/17, 6:10 AM
Ohh God...thik hai dekhte hai kya kar sakte hai
Darshana Jain
Darshana Jain 5/30/17, 6:10 AM
If it's not holiday then v r celebrating it together.
Kishan Negi
Kishan Negi 5/29/17, 6:10 AM
Anjali Singh u were born in august right
Darshana Jain
Darshana Jain 5/29/17, 6:10 AM
i did write our only.. I can't dare to write my especially if i am sharing it with you.
Karuna Pillai Ver
Karuna Pillai Ver 5/29/17, 6:10 AM
Darshana Jain hahaha
Aditi Shetty
Aditi Shetty 5/28/17, 6:11 AM
Dhara Panjwani Aasmita Bhattacharya
Darshana Jain
Darshana Jain 5/28/17, 6:10 AM
Dude is it possible for you to come to college on our Birthday? Let's celebrate together
Darshana Jain
Darshana Jain 5/28/17, 6:10 AM
Dude is it possible for you to come to college on our Birthday? Let's celebrate together
Karuna Pillai Ver
Karuna Pillai Ver 5/28/17, 6:10 AM
Karuna Pillai Ver
Karuna Pillai Ver 5/28/17, 6:10 AM
Darshana Jain my birthday.?? It's ours.!!
Mayur Vasani
Mayur Vasani 5/27/17, 6:11 AM
Maru saav sachu..taru 50%
Maseni Tsqre Fanai
Maseni Tsqre Fanai 5/27/17, 6:11 AM
Hardly satisfied with what they've got group ah I awm alm
Aryan Gulsia
Aryan Gulsia 5/27/17, 6:11 AM
Aanchal Mander Aanchal Mander
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