Published 2017-05-17
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There are 4 types of people born in NOVEMBER. Which one are you?

This would be the eleventh version of our series. In order to read about the previous months, you can check our website or our Facebook page. All through history, November has been known as the month of the year in which people start storing food in order to survive the winter. The zodiac signs of this month are Scorpio and Sagittarius. Let’s check to see if the people that were born in this month are as cold as the month or not.

All November people are well-known for their talent. They have a logical and scientific mind that if they take care of, they’ll become immensely successful. They are not transparent! They barely talk about themselves or reveal anything about their personality. They are eloquent and can convince whoever they put their mind to. They have a tendency to vanish everything and shatter it all into pieces, even their relationship! If they find anyone who is better than them, they act hostile and jealous.

There are 4 types of people born in NOVEMBER. Which one are you? 2

1. First group

1st to 8th of November. People that were born in this month in one of these days are quite sensitive and they have the 6th sense. They might be able to foresee the future. They are tough as old boots. No matter how hard life can be on them, they will always find a way to make things right. They have their own way of getting to whatever that seems impossible. People that were born in this group possess the most complex characteristic!

You can never predict how they are going to react in the same situation. They are typically ruminative and mysterious. They are fond of variety and are fond of taxing jobs. Anything that needs so much effort and hard work, they are up for it. They mostly are experts in whatever field they are working. In their technical jobs, expertise and proficiency are their most important features. In their family life, they are very introverted. They don’t trust other people and that is why they don’t open up to anyone.

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2. Second group

The second group of people would be the ones that were born on 9th to 15th of November. You can always come to these people with your secrets. Their lips are sealed. Appearance wise, they mostly look after their parents. They have physical health and normal growth. And in terms of family, they have a successful family life. They might be self-centered at times but there is nothing wrong with that!

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They adhere to the standards of the society. In economic affairs, they are pretty successful. They are perfect business partners to cooperate with. They are social, quite active and somehow stingy. They are always doing their utmost to get whatever they want. They might come across as aggressive sometimes but they are always rational and logical, so there always is a reason behind their actions.

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3. Third group

From 16th to 22nd would be our third group. In educational affairs, they are incredibly talented. If they put their mind and soul into it, they will succeed enormously. They are mostly affable people. They are interested in spiritual and intellectual fields. They always make sure to be the first one to support the ones in need. Art and literature are what they live for. They are fond of nature and mostly are pleased with what they have in their lives. Their perfect suit could be a writer, poet, professor, philosopher….

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They are unpredictable! Sometimes way too predictable and moody that they would change the decision they made today, tomorrow completely. They are overprotective when it comes to their jobs and they don’t take risks easily but they always come up with the best ideas and plans. They are family people and whatever their position will be at home, they will ace it undoubtedly. Generally clean and decent.

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4. Fourth group

The last group would be from 23rd until the end of the month. They don’t talk much and if they do, they hit the nail on the head. Sometimes short-tempered, impetuous and impulsive. Expert technicians. They love pulling other people’s legs. The pleasure that you get when you tease someone is irreplaceable! They might face many difficulties in their lives and career but they never give up! They always stand back up, stronger than ever and try again.

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They live a long life and are deep thinkers. In matters of intellectual, philosophical and social affairs are often successful. They are the perfect spouse for you! Romantic and rational when it’s needed. They are quite innovative. They always come up with new brilliant ideas. Because of their power of predicting the future they somehow are suspicious as well. And all we have said can change depending on their surroundings!
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Susmita Sonali
Susmita Sonali 6/16/17, 6:10 AM
he he he he.....dushman forever ...
Chaitali Dhamija
Chaitali Dhamija 6/14/17, 6:11 AM
Soooo trie in my case!!!!
Itismita Dhal
Itismita Dhal 6/14/17, 6:10 AM
Topper ete jaldi hebani nhle sabu doubt kri be dheere dheere heba
Susmita Sonali
Susmita Sonali 6/14/17, 6:10 AM
hnn ri8 ri8 ...... j dekhe tu dhoka dabuni ....topper heijibu bole morte marbi dekh...
Itismita Dhal
Itismita Dhal 6/14/17, 6:10 AM
Bilkul nuha mu ari dhoka di jana ame dusman lo
Puneet Saini
Puneet Saini 6/13/17, 6:11 AM
Seriously.. aise to na hai hum..
Ayesha Sawhney
Ayesha Sawhney 6/13/17, 6:11 AM
Dekhle talented hai tu
Subham Gupta
Subham Gupta 6/13/17, 6:11 AM
Haha tyo pani same date
Kriti Awasthi
Kriti Awasthi 6/13/17, 6:11 AM
Hit the nail on the head
Sagar Verma
Sagar Verma 6/13/17, 6:11 AM
Exactly true in your case.
Kriti Awasthi
Kriti Awasthi 6/13/17, 6:11 AM
Yaa.. all is true actually
Kaddy Arora
Kaddy Arora 6/13/17, 6:11 AM
This is totally true!
Brar Gurbakhshish
Brar Gurbakhshish 6/13/17, 6:11 AM
Sahijbir Mann similar
Obeid Peera
Obeid Peera 6/13/17, 6:11 AM
Priyabrata Bhattacharjee Samarth Dhawan
Navya Arora
Navya Arora 6/13/17, 6:11 AM
Kafi hadd tak theek hei hai
Aarti Bhandari
Aarti Bhandari 6/13/17, 6:11 AM
Manisha Kandpal Firoz Rehmat
Harsimar Kaur Sarao
Harsimar Kaur Sarao 6/13/17, 6:11 AM
Ashminder Kaur Sarao Ravneet Sarao Puneet Parmar
Abulhasan Arab
Abulhasan Arab 6/13/17, 6:11 AM
Rakesh Arkal check it.
Sannya Aggarwal
Sannya Aggarwal 6/13/17, 6:11 AM
Shantnu Bansal look at ours
Ayesha Sawhney
Ayesha Sawhney 6/13/17, 6:10 AM
Hahahaha me n shrey belong to the same group
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