Published 2016-11-23
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10 things you need to know before you watch Raees

Shah Rukh Khan's Raees is set to be released on the Republic Day 2017. The film, which marks the return of Shah Rukh Khan in an antihero role after Don 2, is directed by Rahul Dholakia. It also stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Pakistani actress, Mahira Khan. Although the film was supposed to be released on EID 2016, it was postponed to due to Salman Khan's Sultan releasing at the same time and Shah Rukh Khan's injury which left the movie incomplete.

Here there 10 things you will be interested to know before the big release:

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1. The Badshah will be portraying the character of a moonshiner in the film, which was inspired by the underworld kind of Gujarat, Abdul Latif. It will be a delight for all the Don 2 fans as we will be seeing the Don again like this after a long time (4 years approximately).

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10 things you need to know before you watch Raees 1

2. The story is set in the 1980s and SRK's character is called 'Raees Alam' (Like the name of the movie suggests). Like most autobiographical films out there, this film will be about the rise and fall of King Khan's character. But this film won't be the same as other autobiographical films since it is led by our one and only King Khan.

3. This will be the Bollywood debut of the Pakistani Actress, Mahira Khan. She will be playing the role of 'Mohsina' in the film. I guess we have to wait and see what this beautiful actress has in offer for us as her first film is with the King of Bollywood.

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4. Nawazuddin Siddiqui's role was primarily given to Farhan Akthar but due to the role's similartity with Farhan Akthar's film Wazir, he decided to opt out of the role. That's like a good actor opting out to give the role to a great actor. Siddiqui's role in the film is of a rugged cop who is going to oppose Alam's (SRK's Character) business.

5. Raees was initially slated to be an Eid 2015 release. However, the shooting was postponed as Khan got busy with Rohit Shetty's Dilwale thus postponing it to Eid 2016. It was postponed again to Republic day 2017. Hope it does not postpone again as we can't wait to see the film!

6. Shah Rukh Khan has visited the Juhu residence to talk to Rakesh Roshan (Kaabil's producer) to avert the clash with Hrithik Roshan's new and upcoming film. Well, first was Salman Khan and now Hrithik too? We think Hrithik should postpone his movie if he wants his film to run well.

7. To give an authentic look to his role, SRK made sure that he was always in a bad mood while shooting on the sets and this did make such a big impact that even the director, Rahul Dholakia, was concerned! Guess this is what we can expect from Shah Rukh Khan, to give his best to this role which we are sure will be another big hit!

8. Badshah will once again go shirtless after Om Shanti Om and Happy New Year. SRK's personal trainer said that the actor worked out rigorously for six months. He also added saying that the actor followed a strict and light diet and that he is not a fussy eater.

10 things you need to know before you watch Raees 2

9. When Rahul Dholakia approached Shah Rukh Khan for the role of Raees Alam, the actor was surprised over the fact that not many filmmakers dared to make films like Raees these days. Shah Rukh claimed that even though he hadn't rehearsed for the film, he was confident that no one would be able to do justice to his character in the film, like him. Now that's the confidence we expect from a legend!

10 things you need to know before you watch Raees 3

10. Sunny Leone, who has been getting more and more popular with the big stars by the day is set to share screen space with King Khan. She is going to make a guest appearance in the movie.

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Nitesh Limbu
Nitesh Limbu 12/18/16, 7:07 AM
go and fuck yourself
Sathish K Satti
Sathish K Satti 12/18/16, 7:07 AM
Wil be super duper flop...
Sathish K Satti
Sathish K Satti 12/18/16, 7:07 AM
His all future film wil be flop...
Manjeet Srkian
Manjeet Srkian 12/18/16, 7:07 AM
Raees all time blockbuster
Manjeet Srkian
Manjeet Srkian 12/18/16, 7:07 AM
dear zindagi tahalka macha raha hai aankh me laura gya hai dikhta nahi kya
Krejit Ghosh
Krejit Ghosh 12/5/16, 7:06 AM
He will come to Ahmedadbad for promotion of ‘Raees'
Ujval Bucha
Ujval Bucha 12/5/16, 7:06 AM
U mean *stun the audience
Goutam Srk
Goutam Srk 12/5/16, 7:06 AM
I'm eagarly waiting for the movie nd trailor.
Arshad Ali Khan
Arshad Ali Khan 12/5/16, 7:06 AM
Superb SRK is a real King
Momin Hussain
Momin Hussain 12/5/16, 7:06 AM
I am wating for raees
Sahil Kumar
Sahil Kumar 12/5/16, 7:06 AM
SRK king of Bollywood
Andlib Anwar Ibrahim
Andlib Anwar Ibrahim 12/5/16, 7:06 AM
greatest actor...ever
Aftab Alam
Aftab Alam 12/5/16, 7:06 AM
Excited har din badte jarahe h .....It's amazing Outstanding
Aman Chaudhary
Aman Chaudhary 12/5/16, 7:06 AM
Srk is the wonderful man in world
Aquil Armaan
Aquil Armaan 12/5/16, 7:06 AM
Madarchod tu hai Gandu saale. Jalra kaiku? Chutiye.
Kunal Beniwal
Kunal Beniwal 12/5/16, 7:06 AM
La Rindi.kar di like
Rohit Orse
Rohit Orse 12/5/16, 7:06 AM
Beast film in the bollywood
Aijaz Khan
Aijaz Khan 12/5/16, 7:06 AM
A'iddiqui Siddiqui
A'iddiqui Siddiqui 12/5/16, 7:06 AM
Musalman na hote to India na hota
Robin K Roy
Robin K Roy 12/5/16, 7:06 AM
Chup gandu....konsa bokh ka Hindu hai be tu....abe tu desh drohi ....darthy ke bojj
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