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Worst Zodiac Couples!!!

Aries and Virgo

Let's talk about what connects them together. They are full of contradictions, and it is what attracts their opposite sex. Virgo admires confidence. His ability to repair the situation is brilliant. However, Aries’ constant risk-taking and not taking all the aspects into consideration before taking any actions drives Virgo crazy! When a fire sign (Aries) and earth sign (Virgo) are together, it is difficult for them to understand each other’s behaviour and attitudes.

Taurus and Scorpio

Taurus’ sensuality works well with Scorpio. Both are passionate, careful with confidence, but the jealousy could be a problem. Taurus does not understand the behaviour of a jealous Scorpio and his need for revenge. These two characters can definitely come in deadlock, where none of them will give up! If their relationship would be based mainly in the bedroom, the relationship could work but it is too risky!

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Gemini and Aquarius

In a sense, these two characters are perfectly matched - both are free spirits who love the conversation and are highly intellectual. They both love people, but the Geminis are better at functioning in the society. They do not have to have a reason to go to a party, unlike Aquarius. Geminis are more accessible and they express their feelings better. Aquarius prefers not to receive much emotion. What’s the fun part of love and happiness if you cannot express them? Geminis are known for their inconsistency. Aquarius is unpredictable and sometimes these two qualities do not fit ... but not always.

Cancer and Pisces

Both Cancer and Pisces are creative, caring and sensitive people, but Cancer may be too emotionally involved, which is something that Pisces is not able to understand. Moreover, Cancer is fully aware of whatever he has gone through and how it changed him to the person he is today. It turns out, however, that Pisces not only doesn't remember the past, but he never learns from his mistakes. These two characters are great partners in the sense of creativity, but the relationship can be a challenge for them.

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Leo and Sagittarius

Both characters know how to have fun and how to make the best first impression. Sagittarius usually has his fantastic sense of humour and his star-studded way of being. But the point is that Leo really needs someone who will allow him to shine his brilliance, and Sagittarius does not want to be the trophy. When Leo loses temper and becomes condescending, Sagittarius uses all the energy and effort to make Leo feel better. These two people are fearless and love to play, so they can be friends, even close ones, but long-term romantic relationships would be quite complicated.

Virgo and Aquarius

Virgos care about what others think about them, but not Aquarius. Virgo is known as a stable, secure person who typically relies on methods that have been tried before. Aquarius likes to be creative and is more curious about things that are new. That irritates Virgos because they are too undisciplined and reckless.

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Libra and Pisces

Both Libra and Pisces are really nice, caring, gentle people. Pisces admires and loves to spend time with everyone. Both characters can be very romantic and tend to idealize love. When both have their heads in the clouds, it becomes difficult to have realistic expectations and goals. When one or the other side show who they really are, it can lead to disappointment. As for the relationship, these characters are perfect for a summer getaway, but everything associated with long-term is hard work.

Scorpio and Leo

Both characters are dynamic, wild and proud. People see them as their leaders and patterns. Scorpio appreciates honesty and passion above all. If you will need to quarrel, to avoid hurting someone's feelings or to fall deeper, then they do it. Whatever you ask for. Scorpio can be jealous and cannot understand that flirtatious Leo doesn’t have the intention to lure someone. These two characters usually are the dominant ones in their relationships, things will get complicated when they try to control the other person.

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Sagittarius and Libra

Sagittarius is a great guy at parties because he is sociable and friendly. Usually, avoids conflict, but his way of coping with the unpleasant situation is far from the problem. Sagittarius is independent, which may not appeal to Libra, who hates loneliness. Sagittarius is rather straightforward and does not have diplomatic skills scales. These, however, are too indecisive.

Capricorn and Cancer

Cancer and Capricorn have a lot in common, especially when choosing friends but also their views on the family. All! They both need a comfortable place that can call home, and they are dependable. Capricorn is less emotional than Cancer, but he always has his strong arm to help Cancer in emotional turmoil, that Cancer goes through. Cancers may need some excitement in life, what Capricorns do not mind if you do not require them to be so open with their emotions. Capricorn tends to be more conservative than Cancer, and very easily get hurt. As long as these two create a relationship based on both ‘giving and taking’, they can be successful.

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Aquarius and Sagittarius

Here are two characters that like to travel, meet new people and do not need companionship, to have fun. They both appreciate the independence - and their own company. However, what can lead to trouble, is how Sagittarius can focus on themselves, especially in combination with the selflessness of Aquarius. It is as if these two characters began a relationship together, but at some point spread in completely different directions and ended in two different places.

Pisces and Capricorn

Pisces loves to spend time swinging in the clouds and dreaming, while Capricorn is much more practical. Pisces tends to be secretive, sometimes a little creepy, which may not interact so well with Capricorn. Pisces is more susceptible to influence than Capricorn, so Capricorn should not use this feature against Pisces. Pisces is much more trustworthy than Capricorn and have a completely different way of looking at life and the world, which may complicate their relationship.
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Sayantan Dey
Sayantan Dey 12/21/17, 7:06 AM
Esob boka boka kotha
Shellan Fernandes
Shellan Fernandes 12/21/17, 7:06 AM
In this post another post I read
Shellan Fernandes
Shellan Fernandes 12/21/17, 7:06 AM
Pranali Bansode best couple
Pranali Bansode
Pranali Bansode 12/21/17, 7:06 AM
I know they are best couples
Shellan Fernandes
Shellan Fernandes 12/21/17, 7:06 AM
Pranali Bansode who ?
Shellan Fernandes
Shellan Fernandes 12/21/17, 7:06 AM
Pranali Bansode doesn’t work well with all
Sahil Choudhary
Sahil Choudhary 12/21/17, 7:06 AM
Sagittarius gonna die single
Amardeep Kaur
Amardeep Kaur 12/20/17, 7:06 AM
***** Jenna marbles(virgo) and Julien (aries) are the best couple I've ever seen. Your moon sign matters more in relationships.
Amardeep Kaur
Amardeep Kaur 12/20/17, 7:06 AM
Again virat(Scorpio) and Anushka(taurus) .... And even Justin beiber (pieces) and Selena gomez(cancer) like.
Shivani Pampattiwar
Shivani Pampattiwar 12/20/17, 7:06 AM
Surbhi Deogade wad?!?!
Debjani Dutta
Debjani Dutta 12/20/17, 7:06 AM
Vishal Roy see why u can't connect with emon
Niharika Kapoor
Niharika Kapoor 12/20/17, 7:06 AM
Sahiba Chandiok see sahil is a virgo..
Deepak Dalai
Deepak Dalai 12/20/17, 7:06 AM
Taurus and Scorpio, not compatible.
Parth Aman Chhettri
Parth Aman Chhettri 12/20/17, 7:06 AM
What about taurus and virgo.....hmm?
Shraddha Shenoy
Shraddha Shenoy 12/20/17, 7:06 AM
Monica Gyamlani
Ashna Virdikar
Ashna Virdikar 12/20/17, 7:06 AM
Ramya Menon Radhakrishnan dono ka Hai iss mein
Manvi Goel
Manvi Goel 12/20/17, 7:06 AM
Saloni Sahay
Saloni Sahay 12/20/17, 7:06 AM
Astrology is v freaky tbh it’s pretty much accurate
Saloni Sahay
Saloni Sahay 12/20/17, 7:06 AM
Astrology is v freaky tbh it’s pretty much accurate
Shreshtha Mahapatra
Shreshtha Mahapatra 12/20/17, 7:06 AM
Yes i prefer not to be emotional nd express emotions openly unlike ur geminis
Oishee Mitra
Oishee Mitra 12/20/17, 7:06 AM
Namrata Ganguly check dis
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