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Top 9 unsolved mysteries of the world

The world has numerous unsolved mysteries. Even if we've come a long way with science, technology and research, we seem to have no solid proof or logical explainations for these bizzare and strange incidents. Some of it sounds like it could be just coincidental, while others are extremely hard to believe. Most likely these are few which will never be solved even if we wanted it to be. Till then we feed our imaginations with mere speculations.

Somerton Man

On December 1st 1948, a body of an unknown man was found on Somerton Beach, South of Adelaide, Australia. Among his things found were everything but an identification, he had an unused train ticket, a bus ticket, cigarettes, comb, gum, and a fragment of paper with the words “tamam shud” which translates into “finished” in Persian. It was a snippet from a highly rare poetry book Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam. His identity and reason for death is still a mystery to this day.

Black Dahlia

At the age of 22, Elizabeth Short, nicknamed “the Black Dahlia” was brutally murered in January 1947 on L.A.’s South Norton Avenue. On January 15th, a local female resident found her body nude and posed. And this story doesn't end there. Her killer left the body in parts in an unimaginable way. After numerous allegations, several false murder confessions and lack of evidence there was zero progress in finding Black Dahlia’s killer.

Mary Celeste

Mary Celeste set sail from New York harbour to Genoa on November 7, 1872. On board the 282-ton brig were the ship's captain Benjamin S. Briggs and his family; his wife Sarah and 2 year old daughter Sophia, along with 8 crew members. On December 5, a British ship named Dei Gratia was passing by and discovered Mary Celeste at full sail and unanchored around 400 miles east of Azores. When inspected, there was no sign of life, a missing lifeboat, and was undamaged, brimming with half a year's worth of food and water. With a missing lifeboat, it raised a few red flags.
We think that everyone on board might have taken a short trip to a nearby island to see the view or maybe take some selfies (#onboardMaryCeleste #I'mthecaptain #goodbyeNY #Genoaherewecome #allaboard), but in the midst of all the excitment they forgot to anchor their ship. So they got lost or maybe they were kidnapped by the pirates. Hence proved. Case closed.

Zodiac Killer

In the 1960's and 70's a serial killer in California sent a chain of taunting letters to the press until 1974 and signed every letter "The Zodiac Killer". These letters had four cryptograms, of which only one has been solved till today. In 1969, law enforcement officers compared notes of the unidentified killer, and believes that he has killed five people between 1968 and 1969. He gained scandalous reputation by bragging of his slayings in his letters to the police. The killer professes to killing 37 people and has never been caught. In 2014, a Louisiana man, Gary Stewart claims that his biological father Earl Van Best Jr.; died in 1984, was the psychotic, elusive killer who wrote letters boasting about his infamous massacres.

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is known as one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries in the modern world, AKA The Devil’s Triangle. There has been numerous attempts to find the cause of thousands of missing ships and planes. It’s roughly bordered by the points of Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico in the North Atlantic Ocean. Various incidents claimed to have poor weather conditions and disturbances in the navigation systems, they vanish without a trace of evidence, with no signs of distress signals. Smell something fishy here? And no, it’s not the salt from the ocean messing with our senses. They probably need to just update their GPS and install a more accurate weather app next time they decide to go there.

JonBenet Ramsey

A 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey was found dead nearly 2 decades ago in her family's home in Colorado. On December 26th, 1996, Patsy Ramsey, the girl's mother, found a ransom note for $118,000 for JonBenet. She immediately rang 911 and had a search conducted for the missing child. The girl's body was later found in the wine cellar, by her father, tied up and covered with a blanket. Several wounds were found with duct taped over her mouth and a garrote wound around her neck. There has been numerous allegations that it could be her own family, but there's not enough evidence to prove it.

Pollock Twins

In England, May 5, 1957, two sisters Joanna, 11, and Jacqueline, 6, and their two friends were killed when they were walking to church and was hit by a car. The following year their mother gave birth to twin girls Jennifer and Gillian. The father soon noticed something wasn't right. Jennifer had a white line across her forehead and a birthmark on the back of her leg, which was exactly identical to her dead sister Jacqueline. The family moved from Hexam to Whitley Bay when the twins were 3 months old, and returned for a visit when the girls were 4 years. The twins pointed out places they had never seen before, almost like they recognized it. Curious, their parents showed them toys of their sisters, scarily the twins had named every toy. Soon after they had many memories of their sisters Joanna and Jacqueline frequently occurring. When they turned five, the memories stopped immediately, it had suddenly vanished like it never happened. Do you think their dead sisters could've have been really reincarnated? Or is the science of genes and DNA playing a huge role?

Jack the Ripper

One of English's most infamous unsolved mysteries was brutal killings of five prostitutes in London. In 1888, from August 7 to September 10, Whitechapel district of London's East End had been instilled a sense of extreme fear by Jack the Ripper. Several letters were sent to the London Metropolitan Police Service, tormenting them with his spine-chilling actions. He had changed the bodies of the five prostitutes to an extent that they were almost unrecognizeable; claiming he had expertise in human anatomy. Various theories of his identity has arised over the decades. This has only lead to the belief that it could be just a ghoulish myth.

Alcatraz Prisoners

One of the most infamous prisons in the world is the Alcatraz prison. Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary in San Francisco harbours few of America's most treacherous criminals. Three inmates Frank Morris, brothers John Anglin and Clarence Anglin had stealthily managed to escape the prison by fabricating three dummies out of toilet paper and soap. It was discovered when a prison guard checked their cell and found the three men weren't in their beds. They were never found again, its a mystery if they made it to the mainland alive and fled.

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