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9 Great and effortless beauty hacks for the lazy girl in us!

Being a girl is hard enough already. Society’s unrealistic beauty expectations make it even harder. But some of us can’t be bothered with what others think because we know we look perfect just the way we are. On days you want to try a little harder, we’ve picked up some of our favorite effortless beauty hacks that make you look like you spent hours in front of the mirror!

1. Illusion of false lashes

Don’t feel like putting on false lashes? Use baby powder! Really, guys, baby powder is such a life saver. Before applying your mascara, use a Q-tip with a little bit of baby talc and run it across your lashes. It’s easy if you close your eye while doing it. Take your time so you don’t accidentally poke your eye. Then apply your coating of mascara. Repeat if needed.

2. Use perfume to freshen up your hair

This trick is perfect if your hair is not greasy and does not need a wash just yet, but you still want it to smell good every time you flick your hair. Spray your favorite scent onto a brush and run it evenly through your hair. You don’t need a lot because the subtle scent is all you need. Remember to never spray it directly on your hair because the alcohol in it can dry your hair.

2. Use perfume to freshen up your hair

3. DIY nail art

This nail art is meant to be messy. Choose three colours of your choice, preferably a white base colour so the other two colours can pop. Apply the base colour to your preference and use a drinking straw to dip it into one of the dark colours and blow it over your nails. Use a new straw for the next colour as well. Apply a top coat once it’s dry and clean up the mess around your nail with an eyeshadow brush or Q-tip dipped in acetone. Use any colours you want and have fun with it!

4. 5-minute Makeup

Use a primer of your choice and blend with a brush for even coverage. Instead of using a concealer, apply dots of foundation and allow it to semi dry. While waiting, apply some mascara onto your lash line and wiggle, to avoid clumps don’t apply a second coat to the tips. After that use the same makeup brush to blend the foundation in, use more if needed. Top it with a bold lip colour and you’re done!

3. DIY nail art

5. DIY matte lipstick

Use a lipstick colour of your choice and then peel a layer of tissue, place it over your lips lightly and dab some baby powder or translucent powder over the tissue. This trick not only creates a matte look of your favourite lip colour but use this method for any of your lipsticks and it lasts all day long! No fading of colour either! Didn’t we tell you baby powder is a life saver?

6. Pedicure at home

For smooth, soft feet apply a little bit of vaseline and a moisturizing cream mix to your feet. Wear some cushiony socks and go to bed. When you wake up you’ll see your once tired and cracked feet to be more moisturized and smooth. Follow this for a few days till you see a difference and then do it at least once a week. Why spend money for a pedicure when you can do it at home?

4. 5-minute Makeup

7. Illusion of thicker hair

For an instant fuller and thicker hair, first part your hair from the middle or in sections, whichever you prefer. Then use an eyeshadow that matches or is a shade or two darker than your hair colour to partings you made. Make sure not to blend it in too much or it will blend into the skin making it lighter or it could irritate your skin. Do a test patch before you do anything further!

8. Make your nail polish dry faster

Waiting for the nail polish to dry takes forever. This trick allows it to dry much faster than usual! After applying the nail polish, wait for a few minutes and then dip your nails into a bowl filled with ice and water. The cold water will help to set the paint and dry your nails faster. Waiting for your nails to dry has never been easier.

5. DIY matte lipstick

9. Green tea for those dreaded eye bags

To get rid of eye puffiness after a long night, place two bags of cooled green tea bags on each eye for 10 minutes or so. Placing a chilled spoon or two thin slices of cucumber does the trick too! Now you can easily fool people into thinking you’ve all the time in the world to prep yourself.

Try some of these and let us know what you think!
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6. Pedicure at home
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