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Published 2017-05-29
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9 Things your nails say about your HEALTH!

3. Dark vertical stripes along the nail

Longitudinal melanonychia is the medical condition for this sign and it is one of the most obvious and also dangerous signs that your fingernails can send you. Many people ignore these dark strips because it doesn’t cause them any pain. However, this may cause a form of skin cancer called “Subungual Melanoma”. It is known to be the most aggressive type of skin cancer.

4. Blue nails

Most of us know what may cause blue nails. It could be the lack of oxygen, hypoxia, or pressure. Hypoxia is often triggered by an impaired circulation to your peripheral area. However, the good news is that most of the time, this does not indicate any severe health issues. Even the minor blood circulation can easily be cured by natural remedies.

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