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Published 2016-11-24
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What your dressing style tells about you!

Does your clothing change the way you think?

We as a whole require a somewhat additional push to look pleasant in special events. Be that as it may, for the most, individuals remain clashed between needing to spruce up and feeling remorseful about setting aside the opportunity to concentrate on garments. Science now recommends that how we dress may simply be the distinction between giving ourselves the additional edge in our professional and personal lives. What's more, yes, that applies to men as well.

We hear statements like "dress for the job you need; not the job you have" and "look great, feel great" constantly. Although most people find it hard to believe in them, we attempt to coordinate our clothing to the event we are going to attend. The great news is that exploration into the effect of our on conduct now proposes that there may really be a grain of truth in these idioms. Science says that the clothes we wear influence our conduct, personality, attitude, mood, confidence, and even our interaction with others. This is "Enclothed Cognition".

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So what is Enclothed Cognition?

The term Enclothed Cognition is used to depict the impact that our clothing appear to have different effects on our psychological processes like feelings, self-assessments, states of mind, and interpersonal interactions. Garments influence our behaviours and our moods due to the symbolic meaning that we (as a general public) attribute to various sorts of clothing. Simply put, enclothed cognition suggests the fact that clothes have a power in them and with great power comes great responsibility. So next time you want to go on a date with your loved one think about what you are going to wear depending on where you are going as what you wear will change the way you are going to think. You can rarely see a person going on a date to a five-star restaurant wearing casual street clothes.

Check out the ways your clothes change the way you think

Suiting up will power you up

There is a reason people think when a person suits up that the person is dressing for success. Studies have shown that wearing formal office wear puts us in the right state of mind to manage a business. Putting on power clothing can make us feel more confident and even increase the hormones we require to show dominant nature. This, inturn helps us become better negotiators and abstract thinkers.

Dress-Down Friday

Suits can help us boost our performance in the boardroom; but does it help us socialise? Studies have found that people tend to be less open and stuck up when they wear formal clothes. Well, guess wearing suits isn't a good idea if we want to socialise or find friends at work?

Additionally, a casual and relaxed dress code your workplace helps you become more friendly and creative. These discoveries boost the idea of wearing business casuals on a Friday: since employees are most likely to take their time out and fell relaxed since its the last day of the week. Who would like to hang out in stuck up outfits like formal clothes? Are you comfortable in them or does the idea of wearing them at work make you feel comfortable?

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The psychology of gym clothes

If you are not motivated enough to hit the gym, ones of the best ways to get psychologically motivated are to wear gym clothes or at least carry them around with you. This act makes it more likely that we will actually exercise. Wearing gym clothes around may also help us eliminate the step of 'dressing for exercise' and reduces one of the main excuses.

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Uniform Thinking

Our knowledge and expectations about how people behave activate when we put on a uniform that is associated with specific role. For example, wearing uniforms and coats can make a person more consious of their duties and encourage them to pay more dattention to their job. An experiment showed that people who were wearing lab coats had better results than a person who was wearing casual clothes conucting the same experiment. (Except Gregory House from House M.D coz he cool)

Luxuries and Political Views

The greater part of us thinks about our political affiliations as shake strong. In any case, garments can not only influence our apparent social status, but they can even change our political perspectives and mentalities. In one study women who were asked to carry a Prada handbag identified more with conservative, capitalist values than a control group who were given a non-luxury handbag. These women were likewise more averse to help other people as a rule; yet will more likely help if it enhances their status.

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Mood Swingers

Our mental state will most definitely affect the way we dress but the reverse may also hold true. Our dressing could affect how we deal with days when we are anxious, depressed and stressed. Resarch tells us to wear more brightly colored clothes if we were to help vitalise the bad day we are having. Cheerful colors work as a mini pick-me-up; and thus boosting our mood and energy. Also, we associate bright colors with happiness, sunny days, and carefree times (like the summer vacations when we were kids).

On the other hand, we associate deep and dull colours with low energy, being tired and a more sombre mood. So the next time you feel like putting on a dark hoodie to hide a bad day you might be having; reach out for the bright pullover instead! It may just make you feel a little happier.

Hidden Secrets

Amazingly even our underwears influence the way we feel about ourselves. Concealed garments like our socks and underwears can deliver a capable impact on our self-perception and confidence levels. Wearing something we see as provocative can make us feel more confident, more powerful and more confident.

To enhance mental self-image, notwithstanding replicating somebody's style might be a smart thought. Inquire about demonstrates that when we imitate the clothing standard of individuals we consider keen and intense, we feel injected with these qualities too. That is surely a contention for owning garments that draw out the best in us.

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