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Your ancient Egyptian horoscope sign!!!

What do you know about Egyptians? Have you ever heard of Egyptian horoscope? Did you know that they have their own horoscope? For each sign, there is a God to be their protector! The God is to grant grace and salvation to those that were born under each sign.
In this article, we will tell you all about them!



Starting from Aug 20 till Sept 27, people that were born in this period of time are great at solving problems! Should they put their mind into it, they can master an artistic pursuit. They are always there for their friends and will do anything for them. ALWAYS two heads are better than one and people that were born under this sign need to remember that! According to '', their guardian is Egyptian god Thoth, God of Learning. Thoth is often shown with a writing palette.

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Horus starts from Sept 28 to Oct 27. The ones that were born during this time fight for their beliefs and they are not afraid of anything! They are the light of their friends and family’s life! Always full of energy and full of life. They choose their battles painstakingly and wisely. They are aware of how to win every battle by finding common ground. Their guardian is Egyptian god Horus, God of the Sky. Horus often represents kingship.


Oct 28 to Nov 26. Family is the first priority to them. They have strong family values. They care about their family traditions and love to make new traditions with a friend that they consider as a part of their family. They respect those that are not really close to them as well. They believe that everyone has the potential to become a cherished friend one day. The God that protects them is Egyptian goddess Wadjet, Cobra Goddess. Wadjet is often seen protecting kings and justice.

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Nov 27 - Dec 26. These people are the life of every party. The real definition of live wire! It is a joy to be around them. They make you feel alright when you are facing difficulties. Should they choose to persuade athletic path, they will succeed undoubtedly. They are so light on their feet that make other people around them look slow! But the bright side is that they are patient enough to wait till you keep up with them. Their guardian is Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, Lion Goddess of War. Sekhmet can be found on the battlefield, fighting for what's right.


Sphinx, Dec 27 to Jan 25. They have a mysterious nature and are able to make the most mundane situations seem quite fascinating. They will help you sort out your problems easily and have a talent to divine the future. When needed, they can be extremely candid and straightforward. They love to ponder on the riddles of life. Their God is Egyptian Sphinx, God of Treasures and Transformation.

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Born on Jan 26 to Feb 24, are crazy creative. They literally think outside the box and are extremely innovative. They use their artistic instinct in order to amuse their friends and family. It could be drawing, cooking, writing stories, etc. They are assertive. If they set their minds to do something, they will definitely succeed. They know how long it will take to achieve what they want in their artsy path and they take their time to achieve it. Their goddess is named Shu, Goddess of Sunlight and Wind. Shu is depicted wearing an ostrich feather, holding up the sky.

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Feb 25 - Mar 26. They have a strong love of honour and have an immensely realistic view of the world. Their sense of humour, confidence, and kindness make them popular among their friends. They enjoy being super active and also encourage other people to be active with them. When things get tough, they prefer to spend some time alone to think about the problems on their own. Guardian: Egyptian goddess Isis, Goddess of Protection, her broad wings can enfold others in safety.

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Starting from Mar 27 to April 25. They are born with a great talent of turning anything dull to something new and exciting. believes that their friends and family enjoy being around their flair for setting trends. They have the coolest room of all! A place to spend some time with friends. They have what it takes to turn a failure into a huge success. Guardian: Egyptian god Osiris, God of Renewal and Rebirth.


Starting from April 26 to May 25, these people are excellent and energetic leaders. They lead through inspiration and the good thing about them is that they never tell you what to do! Because of their flawless leadership skills, everyone wants to team up with them. Their friends and family always come to them for consultation. They are attentive listeners and they won’t ever judge you for anything. Their God is Egyptian god Amun, God of construction. He's depicted constructing the world around us.
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May 26 to June 24. They are full of life. Love everything about life from whatever that is surrounding them to their friends and family. They show people what the life is really about and how to find luxury in simple things. They make people not to take anything for granted. Their eyes spark when they learn about other people’s success. Because of their way of living, good things come to them. Guardian: Egyptian goddess Hathor, Goddess of Love.

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From June 25 to July 24. They have the ability that you need to create things out of nothing. They are extremely optimistic and they believe failure means 'one possibility down, fewer tries to go!'. They always encourage you to get up and try harder than before. They take risks but the calculated ones. They know that what makes their life meaningful is the time they spend with their family and friends. Their guardian is Egyptian God Phoenix, God of Resurrection.
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And the last one from July 25 to Aug 28. While having Egyptian god Anubis, God of the Spirit World, as their guardian, they are widely respected among their friends and family. They love you for the fact that you stay true to your words and keep your promises. They are incredibly determined and they never leave anything they have started unfinished. When life gives them lemons, they are the ones that turn it into a glass of lemonade.

Did you guys know that Ancient Egyptians were early pioneers of astrology? Based on 'egyptabout', when a child was born, priests sometimes drew a star chart for the parents. Egyptian architects also looked to the heavens for inspiration. Some of ancient Egypt's most impressive monuments, including certain pyramids, were designed to line up with the stars at different seasons throughout the year.
How accurate was this about your sign?
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