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9 Scientific proofs of life after death...

Scientists have proofs that there is life after death. They have discovered that consciousness may continue even after death. This subject is still being treated with a lot of scepticism but there are also some evidence from the people that went through a near-death experience that make us ponder on this subject! The fact that we are going to die is something inevitable but in this article, we are going to give you some evidence that will make you doubt the life after death!

1. Consciousness continues after death

1. Consciousness continues after death

Dr. Sam Parnia, a British Assistant professor known for his work on near-death experiences and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, believes that human consciousness can survive brain death. He says “What we know is that when someone dies, that process of dying and the cessation of heartbeat circulation to the brain will trigger the part of the brain that mediates people having an out-of-body experience.”
To learn more watch the video below.
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2. Out-Of-Body experiences

Every day we hear new out of body experiences, so we may just think it’s all fake but this person will prove you wrong. Pam Reynolds, an American singer, and songwriter stated that she had had a near-death experience during her brain operation at the age of 35. While undergoing brain surgery, she said that she left her body and actually watched her own operation. Her description of the operation was so vivid that left everyone wondering! Here is the video.

3. Meetings with the dead

Bruce Greyson, a researcher in the field of near-death studies, believes that what we see during the time that we experience near-death is more than just our extremely vivid hallucinations. In 2013 published paper, he noted: “the number of patients who record meeting dead people far outweighs those who report meeting live people. If these were random hallucinations, you’d expect as many people to be welcomed into the afterlife by, say, Barack Obama as their dead grandma. But even more interesting are the few verified cases where a subject has met a dead relative on the other side, despite having no way of knowing that this person had died.”

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4. Extreme reality

Steven Laureys, a Belgian neurologist, recognized worldwide as a leading clinician and researcher in the field of neurology of consciousness, does not believe in life after death! But why is he here on our list? He believes that all near-death experiences can be explained away through physical phenomena. He and his team found out that the memory of an NDE stayed vibrant and fresh no matter how much time had passed—to the extent that it completely eclipsed the memory of real events.
Let him explain it all to you here.

5. Similarities

During a study published in The Lancet, the team checked 344 patients that suffered cardiac arrest and asked them to talk about their experiences within one week of resuscitation. Out of all the people that were questioned, 18% could vaguely recall the experience and 8-12% gave them a perfect classic example of NDE! That means between 28 to 41 unconnected people all from 10 different hospitals recall nearly identical experiences! Now, that is some food for your thought!

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2. Out-Of-Body experiences

6. Personality changes

Pim van Lommel, a Dutch author, and researcher in the field of near-death studies began studying the results of NDE memories on people who had experienced it. Based on the result people lost their fear of death, became happier, more positive, and more outgoing. Nearly all of them reported their NDE as a hugely positive thing that had, even more, impact on their lives as time passed.
You can hear all about his discoveries in this video.

7. Firsthand experience

Dr. Eben Alexander, an American neurosurgeon, spent 7 days in a coma in 2008 which changed his mind about NDEs. What he claims that he has seen sounds not so easy to believe! He said, “There was this beautiful melody in this light spinning closer and closer, it opened up as a portal into this gorgeous realm that was verdant waterfalls colors indescribable and millions of butterflies flying through a very ultra real scene…” We let you be the judge.

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8. Visions of the blind

Based on the book ‘Mindsight’ written by Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper, people who were born blind may regain their sight during a near-death experience. The two interviewed 31 blind people for their study, all of whom claim to have had either an NDE or an OBE (out-of-body experience). 14 of them had been blind from birth. Yet they all reported a visual component to their experiences, whether in the form of a tunnel of light, seeing dead relatives, or even looking down on their own bodies from above!

3. Meetings with the dead

9. Children may remember their past lives

This could be one of the most interesting ones on this list. Dr. Jim Tucker, a child psychiatrist and Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, may have just the strongest claims to the life after death! Since 1996 Dr. Jim Tucker has been gathering studies of past life recognition in children that could prove that a soul returns to earth in another body! Watch this intriguing video.
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