Published 2017-06-09
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9 Scientific proofs of life after death...

2. Out-Of-Body experiences

Every day we hear new out of body experiences, so we may just think it’s all fake but this person will prove you wrong. Pam Reynolds, an American singer, and songwriter stated that she had had a near-death experience during her brain operation at the age of 35. While undergoing brain surgery, she said that she left her body and actually watched her own operation. Her description of the operation was so vivid that left everyone wondering! Here is the video.

3. Meetings with the dead

Bruce Greyson, a researcher in the field of near-death studies, believes that what we see during the time that we experience near-death is more than just our extremely vivid hallucinations. In 2013 published paper, he noted: “the number of patients who record meeting dead people far outweighs those who report meeting live people. If these were random hallucinations, you’d expect as many people to be welcomed into the afterlife by, say, Barack Obama as their dead grandma. But even more interesting are the few verified cases where a subject has met a dead relative on the other side, despite having no way of knowing that this person had died.”

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