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Which Harry Potter squad do you belong to based on your Zodiac sign?!


The Quidditch Gang
As an Aries and being the competitive one, you are like the Hogwarts version of the high school quarterback. Popular, worshiped and obviously, everyone depends on you to win the sports cup or should we say, House Cup? And don’t forget the perks of skipping class in the name of training. Who wants to stay for history class when you can ball anyway?


The Marauders Squad
The dual-personality twins. You are the rule breakers and full of mischief. You are in the highest level of the social circle and you definitely have enemies, but you could care less about them. But for the people you love and care, they are the top most priority, and you will go to great lengths to protect them, even if it means risking yours.

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The Weasley Twins
You are creative, imaginative and spontaneous which makes you a perfect candidate to be BFFs with the ever so hilarious, Fred and George Weasley. You guys are always looking for fun and will be the funniest squad to exist. You’re the pranksters and you may get into a little bit of trouble or maybe even get away with it. But what is the world if there is no laughs and smiles?


The Main Trio
Okay, this friendship is #squadgoals! Who wouldn’t want to be the fourth Musketeer of the most popular group? We wouldn’t mind! You’re loyal, helpful, full of energy and is right in front of the action. You are a leader and pave the way for everyone else to follow. You’re usually the centre of attention for being different and brave and failures will just bring you back stronger every time.

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Malfoy's Squad
You are fair-minded to the people you like and very social, but you’ve weaknesses as well, like carrying a grudge towards the people who disappointed you and every chance you get you avoid confrontations. Nothing better than hanging out with Draco Malfoy and talking about the people you hate the most. And people will look up to you because of your popular status.


The Singing Gang
You literally are the whole package! Energetic, optimistic, friendly, sincere and passionate. You prefer to be around people who are like-minded just like you. And there’s nothing better than being part of the Frog Choir of Hogwarts. A huge group of friends and you can even break into an impromptu singing sesh anywhere, anytime! Party for days, right?

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The Quidditch Gang
You’ve all the traits that make a person great, but you’re also rebellious because of the very stubborn views you hold. Being part of the Quidditch team, makes you entitled to be rebellious. You are after all Hogwarts version of the high school quarterback. You bring the House Cup home! Nobody can tell you what to do when all you bring is pride and victory.


The Main Trio
Just like you, The Main Trio is also meticulous, inflexible in their views, critical, trustworthy and dutiful. Harry, Hermoine, and Ron would love to have another great minded person like you to be best friends with them. Adventures and being rebellious will be the heart and soul of your friendship. At the same time, you’re loyal and will do anything to keep them safe.

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Malfoy's Squad
It’s like you were meant to be part of Malfoy’s Squad. It’s definitely written in the stars. You are assertive, dominating, attractive and friendly towards the people who you think deserves it. When you are one of Malfoy’s Squad, they will not judge you for the way you are, because they are exactly the same. You will never find truer friends. Trust us.


The Weasley Twins
With your humorous and sarcastic personality, you will fit in perfectly like a puzzle piece with the famous Fred and George Weasley. You will have the time of your life and life couldn’t get any better! You will not only make people laugh, but you will also laugh along with them. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

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The Marauders Squad
You will be best friends for life, through thick and thin. Nothing can break the bond all of you will have. It’s the world against you. All your memories will be filled with all the fun times you had while being mischievous and going against the rules. You are a troublesome lot, but everybody loves no matter what.


The Singing Gang
Your imaginative and artistic nature is what makes you so passionate about the things you love. You are adaptable and compassionate and you like to be part of a big group of friends. And a choir is big which means ten times the fun and more friends. Also, who wouldn’t want to sing all day with friends? It will be so much fun to break into a song anywhere, anytime! People might look at you weirdly, but you’re all in it together, so who cares?

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Which Harry Potter character are you based on your ZODIAC sign?
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