Published 2016-11-25
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9 real struggles of growing up with siblings

If you're the eldest, you probably order your younger sibling to ask your parents something because you tried once so you try your luck again by sending them. You prepare them well on what to say and bribe them to do exactly what you told them to do, only to have them mess it all up by mentioning that you told them to do it. By now you've already mentally devised 1 million ways to hurt them. They had only one job!

When it comes to sharing food you're not related. But when parents insist, you reluctantly agree to it. But you will divide and always take the bigger share of food. Obviously you won't tell them about it nor will you let them choose, they just have to trust your motives and accept it.

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Fighting for the TV remote is the biggest struggle we all face. You REALLY don't like sharing the control with your siblings and it's a constant battle with who wants to watch what, to the extent that we take the remote with us to the kitchen just so that they won't watch what they want to. Also because food is life. It feels like growing up all we did was this.

It's never a childhood if you never wrestled with your sibling at least once a day. It's WWE in every household for the smallest of things. And then one of you hits the other a little too hard and then you panick. Consoling them to stop crying so your parents won't hear to avoid getting in trouble, and giving them an opportunity to hit you back. Or play it cool and say "I barely touched you"

Both of you are the most deceiving people on Earth. You've one side for the outside world, for the public, the one that makes us look like you love each other, calm and civilised. And the other side that does not leave the house, where you're constantly at each other's throats trying to strangle each other. Your parents always have a hard time explaining to people that what they see is not real, they should come home to see the real "love". It's good to see how frustrated they get, since no one believes them.

They're stealers, always taking our things without permission. You get off a seat for 30 seconds and your sibling has already taken it. They wear your clothes and use your things its like their own. So we always have a special hiding place to hide all our favourite things from them, only to have it resurface 2 years later during cleaning because we completely forgot about it.

Your siblings always find the wrong time to piss you off. Especially when the parents are right beside. They know you've no power and you'll do anything that you're asked to do. It's always an attempt mouthing subtle threats you want to say out aloud at them so our parents don't hear. Those sneaky rats. Just wait till you're alone. *glares*

When the youngest goes and complains to the parents and they're like "You're the oldest, let it go". The younger one seems to have all the privileges that the older ones don't. Favourite toy? Forget about it, it's your younger sibling's now since you're the oldest and has to sacrifice everything.

When your siblings get in trouble for something you did. You act like you're surprised and innocent but inside you're laughing so hard and trying to keep a straight face till they're done yelled at. You know it's going to be the end of you when you're alone, but that's okay. You'll blackmail them by saying you'll snitch about them again and then they walk away mumbling angrily under their breath.

In the end no matter how much we fight, quarrel or hate each other, our siblings are the best things that ever happened to us. Grateful every day for having them in our lives and love them to the moon and back. Eventually.

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