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8 Crazy ideas carried out by ordinary people which ended up saving lives...

There are a lot of people in the world who believe that they have an idea that could turn them, at any given time, into millionaires. However, it should be emphasized that there are not too many inventions that prove to be successful. In fact, for every creation or innovation that ends up gaining popularity, there is a myriad of others that fail miserably. On the other hand, there have been many cases in which ordinary people, without possessing an enviable intellectual capacity, were able to remedy serious problems with ingenious and easy solutions, without having to resort to experts and others qualified for this task.
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1. Rjukan, Norway

Only a few years ago the residents of the small Norwegian town of Rjukan were finally able to see the light. Nestled among steep mountains, the city used to be shrouded in shade for almost six months a year, and its residents had to take a car to the top to receive a weak dose of vitamin D. However, the town had the fantastic idea of placing three giant mirrors on the top of mountain and guided reflecting of the sun to the Rjukan square. The Italian town of Viganella has a similar solution but a smaller one. The original plan was devised 100 years ago by Norwegian industrialist Sam Eyde, who built the city to supply workers to a hydroelectric plant located at the foot of a nearby waterfall.

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1. Rjukan, Norway 1

2. Supercomputer made of video game consoles

The computer in question is called "Titan," and is located at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. This machine, along with another one which is located in Lawrence Livermore, California, have reaffirmed the dominance of America in a list that was headed by China and Japan. But Titan derives most of its power, more than 90%, from the technology used in the video game industry. Half of its 37,376 processors are ordinary CPUs, but the other half are graphics processing units, or GPUs; Devices specially designed to deal with modern video games, which are the most demanding applications you have to run any modern machine.

2. Supercomputer made of video game consoles

3. Sylmar Reservoir, California

Because of the massive drought in California, Los Angeles, a very unusual method was used to protect the city's water. Officials launched in the year 2015 no less than 96 million black plastic balls floating to the Sylmar reservoir. They were designed to help protect water from dust, rain, chemicals, and wildlife, as well as prevent 300 million gallons of water from evaporating every year. The balls float on the surface and block the rays of the sun; In addition, they avoid evaporation and the chemical reaction generated by the carcinogenic compound bromate, created from the natural bromide of water.

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4. Iceland and its volcanoes

By 2015 it was established that UK households could soon be fueled with geothermal energy from all of Iceland's volcanoes. Prime Minister David Cameron announced that 750-mile "interconnector" would be built that could transport energy to Britain if plans went ahead. In fact, a working group was formed to examine the feasibility of the project. Although governments and ministers have changed if the exploration is successful, then a giant hydroelectricity cable could be built between Britain and Iceland in the next decade.

5. The tallest man in the world

This happened in the year 2006. The long arms of, at that time, the highest man in the world helped him to reach and save two dolphins by removing the plastic material from their stomachs, gaining a great impact on the Internet. The dolphins had become sick after nibbling the plastic from the edge of an aquarium in Liaoning province. Attempts to use surgical instruments failed because the dolphins' stomach contracted in response to them. The doctors decided to call for help Bao Xishun, a shepherd from Mongolia who was over 2 meters 10 cm with and 105 cm arm's length.

4. Iceland and its volcanoes

6. Air turbines to clean the snow

Russia cleans snow with aircraft turbines. This strange machine with a turbine serves to clean snow in streets and certain railways, applying a strong gust of hot air. The Klimov BK1 turbine for MIG 15 aircraft is also used to melt ice in turbines of other aircraft while waiting for takeoff and icy Russian tracks. There is no doubt that these places are so cold, that any solution that helps to eliminate the snow, is well grateful.

7. Ants for suturing

The first recorded use belongs to Atharva Veda, around 1000 BC. However, they were not using ants for the skin wounds but used them to saturate the intestinal wounds after the surgeries. Needless to say, they probably did not start this way, so that practice may be much older. It is possible, then, that the use of ants in Mediterranean surgery has been learned from Indian practices. Eventually, they stopped being used, although the exact reason is not known.

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5. The tallest man in the world

8. Saving life with a hug

A teacher ended a shooting accident using a big hug. In the state of Nevada, a teacher played a serious role in detaining a 14-year-old student who was allegedly firing on his classmates. When three shots were heard past 9 am, instead of fleeing or hiding, the teacher ran to the alleged shooter, persuading him to throw the gun. The teacher gave a strong hug to the adolescent, promising that he would not abandon him. Finally, the shooting was stopped and, although some students were injured, no one died. The teacher turned out to be a hero.

It is said that the need is the basis of the invention. But as you see, often very simple solutions and reactions are of great importance to humanity. Many of them even save lives! So never give up and do not treat your ideas as unreasonable.

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