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9 Tips on how to save fuel

Currently, fuel is the most desirable substance in the world. Gasoline, in turn, is the basic fuel used in transport. The price of fuel is varied. It depends on the monopoly of large companies and the supply and demand for fuel. Often we ask ourselves whether there are ways to use less fuel and thereby save more money? Check how to effectively conserve fuel. Most of the guidelines relate to fuel savings behaviour behind the wheel.

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After changing your driving style you will notice a significant reduction in the amount of fuel burned, up to 20-30%. Start by changes in braking. If you are a fan of heavy braking, you fail to save on gasoline. Emergency brake consumes more fuel than to gradually reduce the speed until the stop point.
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Another important clue is the observance of the optimum number of revolutions per minute when changing gear. Second gear should move at 1200 rpm, 1500 at the third and the fifth at 1800 rpm. Moving off and shift the speed of such work does not strain the engine and reduce fuel consumption. An important skill is predicting the traffic situation and the appropriate preparation for it. If we reach the intersection, we should downshift and engine brake.

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The next tip is the simplest and most obvious. Avoid driving to nearby places. Select walk if the place is about 10-20 minutes away walking on foot. A cold engine consumes more fuel for short distances and more polluting than during the long ride. The walk will positively affect your health, car, environment, and especially your pocket.
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Speed ​​is a major factor in increased fuel consumption. When this is not necessary, do not exceed a speed of 80 km / h. Also, do not suddenly accelerate, as it increases the amount of fuel burned. Driving at constant speed provides a uniform and optimum fuel consumption. Sudden and sharp inhibition also contributes to high fuel consumption. At this point, the engine also consumes fuel, because it must destroy the stored energy.

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These details do not seem to be important but have a huge impact on the wealth of your pocket. Do not use the air conditioning or heating when it is not necessary. Check the condition of tires and wheels, it is necessary to regularly check the air pressure in the tires. Low tire pressure increases fuel consumption up to 10%. A properly balanced car will provide lower fuel expenses.
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If you are waiting for someone in the car, put out the engine. Although work is still idling engine burns fuel and pollutes the environment. Re-activating the motor does not entail such a large demand for fuel as a cold engine. Some countries have banned this type of legal proceedings. More and more cars are equipped with Start-Stop system, which automatically switches off the engine when stopped. With this system you can save a small amount of fuel, however, the annual amount is quite substantial.

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Older drivers are in the habit of driving on the "cool" off the slopes. Unfortunately, this is not the best method, because the engine during idling operation also gets fuel. The best solution in this situation is to use the free fall of the car from the hill without pressing the accelerator. Driving a car on idle hazard on the road. In an emergency situation, the driver is not able to react quickly. Add gas to avoid the danger.
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The basis for the proper operation of the car and low fuel combustion components regular inspection and replacement of filters and engine oil. The engine in bad condition not only consume more fuel but also end prematurely. Regular oil change ensures appropriate lubrication of the engine parts and ensures its proper operation.

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How do you see the fuel saving is not a complicated operation. Another clue to stop more money in your wallet is to avoid traffic jams during rush hour. Analyse the route to work and choose the road less frequented. In this regard, it may be helpful for mobile applications that collect information about the most crowded places. This valuable tip will allow you to save time and money.

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