Published 2016-11-28
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Indian dishes that are our favourites

Pani Puri

The most famous street food also known as Gol Gappa is people's favourite in India and it is mostly considered as a snack. Crispy Puri is stuffed with potato, chickpeas, onions and coriander chutney and is drenched in either tangy or sweet water and then served. Everybody considered it as their favourite dish in their childhood and most of them even now. This dish has different names in different regions, it is called as Puchkas in the west, Gol Gappa in the northern parts of India and it is known as Gup Chup in the southern regions.


It is known as the traditional dish of Gujarat, the very state from where the prime minister of India hails. This dish is cooked in an earthen pot which is flipped upside down and burnt from the top. It is a seasonal dish which is mostly cooked in winters as the ingredients are only available in the winter season. More than 20 different vegetables are used to cook this dish and it is mostly relished with Puri (a type of an Indian bread).

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