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Published 2017-06-19
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9 Celebs you didn't know were pregnant while filming!

The struggle of carrying a human inside of you is a struggle itself. How these women juggled acting, long working hours, busy schedules while being pregnant is beyond us. Well, we guess this is what being Supermom is all about. But did you guys really know some of these celebs were actually pregnant? Coz we had no idea! How come we never noticed the baby bumps?

1. Jaya Bachchan

Movie - Sholay
While filming the famous movie, the actress was pregnant with their first child, Shweta. This did create delays in finishing the movie, but we hardly noticed because her baby bump was being hidden behind sarees. And when the movie was finally released, she was already pregnant with their second child, Abhishek. Never noticed it, didn’t you? Neither did we.
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2. Courtney Cox

TV Show - Friends
You may have never known, but Monica Gellar AKA, Courtney Cox, was pregnant in the later episodes of the show! Since it was already fixed that Monica won’t be able to have kids, they weren’t able to write it into Courtney’s character. Sad, we know. If you watch the final episode again carefully, you’ll notice the slight bump, which they were able to hide using clothes and laundry baskets.

3. Kajol Devgan

Movie - We Are Family
In 2010, Kajol was pregnant with her second child. But that never stopped her from stepping away from a commitment she made. As one of the lead actors she made it her responsibility to be there throughout the filming of the movie, and for the promotional events for the release of the movie. She’s known for a number of blockbusters, but this just made us respect her even more.

The next actress is a Golden Globe award winner!

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4. Kate Winslet

Movie: Divergent
We know what you're thinking and it's not Leo’s baby nor was it when she was filming Titanic. We know. We all wish it was true too. She actually found out she was pregnant while filming Divergent. Yup 5 months pregnant, if you look carefully it’s actually quite noticeable. And of course making her wear black and holding folders it was easy to hide her baby bump.

2. Courtney Cox

5. Kareena Kapoor

Movie: Veere Di Wedding
The movie was not over when Kareena Kapoor found out she was pregnant, but she did continue to film some parts and when she’s back after her short break she will finish the rest. It’s possible that her pregnancy may lead to the delay of the movie, but that didn’t seem to affect the crew involved. They are so supportive!

You may have never guessed the next one!

3. Kajol Devgan

6. Angelina Jolie

Movie: The Changeling
We all know Angelina Jolie is known for her large number of kids (and also that she’s half the reason Braniston is no more). This may not be that obvious since she found out that she was pregnant with the twins towards the end of filming The Changeling. So she kept it a secret for a while from the crew before she gave birth to Vivienne and Knox in July 2008, just a few months before the release date of the movie.

4. Kate Winslet

7. Sridevi

Movie: Judaai
The actress became pregnant with her first child, while she was filming for Judaai. It did not go well among the big shots involved in the movie but she finished her parts beforehand and then took a break from acting. We’re not sure if she got any requests for roles in between that, but she made her big breakthrough since then in English Vinglish.

The last two are quite surprising!

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8. Julia Roberts

Movie: Ocean’s Twelve
If you have seen the movie, you might remember that Tess pretends to be Julia Roberts, when she’s forced into her husband’s scam. In the scene in the taxi, she was given clothes and a pillow to fake her bump. In reality, she was just showing off her own! What a clever way to embrace the good news.

9. Juhi Chawla

Movie: Aamdani Atthani Kharcha Rupaiyaa and Jhankaar Beats.
Juhi Chawla is probably the only actress who was pregnant with both her kids while filming, two different times! The actress, however, did not stop the filming and went along with the schedule. She had just found out about her pregnancy with her first child in Aamdani Atthani Kharcha Rupaiyaa and in Jhankaar Beats she was seven months pregnant!

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