Published 2016-11-28
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10 craziest and weirdest laws in India

1. Attempting suicide is a crime

This is one of the weirdest and craziest law in India. As per our Section 309 in The Indian Penal Code, if you try to commit suicide, you could go to jail for up to 1 year. If you’re successful and you die, it will be good for you and you won't go to jail. This is indeed a strange one because, as far as we know, this is our body, and we should have rights over ourselves! If a person plans to end his/her life, he/she should plan it carefully because although suicide, according to the Indian Penal Code is legal, punishment awaits a person who fails to die.

2. Reservation rules

In India, this is the most unacceptable rule which is the Reservation rule. In every state, they have a special quota or you can say reservation for different type of people. In India reservation can be possible up to 49%. We can say that we don't have equality because of this law. This rule leaded to violence in so many cities which caused so many deaths and loss of money. In India at present time the reservations depend upon one's caste, gender and religion instead. The law has often been misused by people who do not actually need the perks and in turn, the deserving candidates have to suffer.

3. Different legal drinking ages

India has 29 states and they all have their own different laws and rules. One of them is about the age of drinking. Every state has passed legal age for drinking liquor for their citizens. In Maharashtra state law was passed in 2011, and according to it you can drink soft liquor when you reach the age of 21, while you have to be 25 to have hard liquor. The legal drinking age in some of the Indian states goes up to 25 years of age. It is strange how a citizen has the right to elect the Government at 18 years of age but is not considered mature enough to decide whether they want to consume alcohol or not. Each state in India has its own drinking age, which can vary from 18 in Goa to 25 in Maharashtra. The only age that’s governed nationally states that no one under 18 years old can drink.

4. Penalty for the third child in Kerala

Have you ever heard about this? In Kerala state if you want the third child then you have to pay penalty for that. Families can have up to two children in Kerala with no consequences. Any more will reel in a fine of Rs10,000. So China is not the only place to have a birth limits. This law passed to control the population but for rich people it doesn't matter.

5. Laws for recruitment as an Indian pilot

One more crazy law. If you want to be a pilot then you must know about this rule. A main requirement of the Indian Air Force is that size of pilot’s legs should be a minimum of 90cm. This also means that even if a person is tall, say above 6-feet, and his legs are not 90cm, he is not applicable to be a pilot in the IAF. Don't you find this weird!

6. Nearly no one can fight with knives

Indian soldiers are almost universally banned from using knives in combat with the exception of troops specifically from Nagaland. The Arms act defines and prohibits any weapon having sharp edge and capable to deadly injury only exception is Sikhs Kirpan of less than 9 inches. It is legal to carry a knife blade under 9" long and 2" wide. Under the Indian Arms Act 1959, you are not allowed to carry "prohibited arms". If you carry a sharp and long knife in public, you are almost certain to get into trouble.

7. Sharing offensive and obscene pics on the Internet

In 2013, 9 websites were blocked for sharing offensive and obscene images with the Internet users. How exactly does the Internet censorship stop men from watching something bad? In a democratic country like ours, we need to give the citizens the choice to watch what they want. This law needs clarity and holistic understanding of the medium.

8. Homosexual intercourse is illegal.

Well, this is indeed the most talked about “fiasco” of the previous year. The denial of any kind of inappropriate intercourse which is “against the law of nature” came as a shock to many. We sometimes cannot help but wonder who these people are to decide what’s against the nature and what’s not! In some countries, it is legal but our law doesn't allow this type of relationship. So, if you're caught by cops having a relationship with the same gender, they can send you to jail.

9. You can’t fly a kite without a permit.

A kite is also an aircraft, according to this act, and you need a permit to fly one! Makes you wonder if you can demand clearance to land at the IGI Airport! According to the Indian Aircraft Act, 1934, you need to have a permit to make, possess or fly a kite just as one has to receive the proper permissions for a plane. Same as flying drones without permission is illegal in India. You have to take permission from the commissioner of Police to fly drones.

10. The Factories Act, 1948

Even though there are different laws for working conditions inside of the factories and the employment of women in hazardous jobs, especially for night shifts, the law has an exactly opposite impact. Women are not allowed to work at night in factories, even though there are a hundred of other professions that demand women working at night, like working in BPO. Apart from allowing women to work at night, the law also needs to ensure their safety in such work environments for which there seems to be no provisions as for now.

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