Published 2017-06-21
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A man claims to be Adolf Hitler!

Within a certain period of time, everyone was once again talking about the possibility of Hitler being alive and so many websites covered the news online. “128-year-old man claims he is Adolf Hitler” news spread so fast that there was not much time to check if it was accurate or not. Now after the dust being settled, we are going to walk you through the following news only to tell you it was nothing but yet another fake news.

It all started with a picture of an old man who bore a striking resemblance to Hitler. As we all know, according to official reports, Hitler and his wife Eva Braun died in Berlin, choosing suicide in the face of the possibility of surrender, millions of people still do not believe in this version of the facts. Since most of the criminals who supported the leader during the war made use of the hospitality of various Latin American countries that sheltered them with gusto and taste, the rumours about Hitler's supposed escape to Argentina soon broke out.

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In fact, people convinced that the Austrian-German dictator actually survived the war have just received further proof of the truth of their point of view. To make matters worse, the revelations that you are about to know arose from the Argentine province of Salta, and its author and protagonist is an older man who never fails to repeat that his real name is Adolf Hitler. But is that was the truth ready was?

According to research carried out by the editors of the Argentine newspaper "El Patriota", the old man in question claims to be 128 years old and, as he says, since 1945 he is hiding in South America. In addition to his "true" personality, speaking to the press the man also revealed how he had managed to live off suspicions for so long. Coming from Germany, Herman Guntherberg - since this is his name - supposedly fled Europe just after the victory of the allies. How was it possible? The Gestapo falsified his passport and processed a new identity card.

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A man claims to be Adolf Hitler! 1

He decided to reveal the truth because at present he no longer has to worry about the danger on the part of the high commanders. Now, while still responsible for the deaths of millions of people, the man spoke up. "I’ve been blamed for a lot of crimes that I’ve never committed. Because of that, I’ve had to spend more than half of my life hiding from Jews, so I’ve had my punishment already.", Explained the alleged Hitler, and this was stated by and many other sources.

A man claims to be Adolf Hitler! 2

Then his wife came up and she started talking about how sometimes he doesn’t even remember her due to Alzheimer. Angela Martinez who has been his wife for 55 years reportedly didn't believe her husband’s claim was true. According to her, what man presents as "memories of the past" are in fact clear signs of a senile illness.

But do you think what you are reading might be accurate?

A man claims to be Adolf Hitler! 3

"Sometimes, he would forget who I was and where he was. He looked like he was in trance, and he would start talking about Jews and demons. Then he’d come back to normal.” Guntherberg suffers from dementia, which casts serious doubt the credibility of his confession. Martinez says that Hermann could be a Nazi past and commit war crimes, but does not believe that he could anything further than that.

A man claims to be Adolf Hitler! 4

The real question here is do you think what the old man revealed is a real story? Can it be true? If it really is Adolf Hitler, how could it be that it took so long to manifest his presence? How can he not feel remorse for his past actions? What do you think of his story? If these are all the questions that you have in mind, let us answers them all to you by revealing the actual story.

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A man claims to be Adolf Hitler! 5

Who is this guy? The fact is that the old man you see in the picture is Francis Morris and the only extraordinary thing about him is that he is driving without having a driving license. Oh, and the fact that he is 100 years old. When he first drove, there was no such a thing as a driving test but when he went to work as a bus driver, he took a driving test. His 64-year-old son said “He didn't take a test to drive a car and in fact, he used to ride around on a motorbike as a young man and he didn't have one for that either. He did actually take another test later on as he drove buses in a career that lasted almost forty years.”

A man claims to be Adolf Hitler! 6

Yes! What you just read up there is who this man really is and what is so unusual about him! Nothing Hitler related! Although there are so many assumptions about Hitler being alive, this man is not a living proof! Stay tuned with us since there probably will be many news fake news speculating everywhere surrounding the same claim.

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Ibrahim Yashfaz
Ibrahim Yashfaz 6/30/17, 6:07 AM
Hello historians from around the world.
Advaith HL
Advaith HL 6/30/17, 6:07 AM
Sayan Maity his body was supposed to be burned after his suicide
Ronit Banerjee
Ronit Banerjee 6/30/17, 6:07 AM
Don't worry pal he is 128 He will die in a few days
Tvesha Sinha
Tvesha Sinha 6/30/17, 6:07 AM
****** did nothing wrong
Joy Bhattacharyya
Joy Bhattacharyya 6/30/17, 6:07 AM
What ****** he did for the existence of Germans though he was an Austrian.
Sagar Sharma
Sagar Sharma 6/29/17, 6:07 AM
Gaurav Doliya Harshit Panchal
Rishika Narayan Dhanawade
Rishika Narayan Dhanawade 6/29/17, 6:07 AM
Anand Hari
Anand Hari 6/29/17, 6:07 AM
Abhishek Tavish Navprabhat
Mintu Majumdar
Mintu Majumdar 6/29/17, 6:07 AM
Burak etaow fokotiya publicity lage re
Kritika Mishra
Kritika Mishra 6/29/17, 6:07 AM
Mai bhi abhi Vikrant Mishra ko tag karne wali thi
Karaan K Mishra
Karaan K Mishra 6/29/17, 6:07 AM
Vikrant Mishra please revel the Fact
Rutvik Pathade
Rutvik Pathade 6/29/17, 6:07 AM
Pranav Bagul Harshal Wadile
Prerana Roy
Prerana Roy 6/29/17, 6:07 AM
Did he jst try to steal our identity
Navin Gilbile
Navin Gilbile 6/29/17, 6:07 AM
****** never smiled in his lifetime.
Mebin Joseph
Mebin Joseph 6/29/17, 6:07 AM
Man, He Was One Of The Powerful Leader Back In 40s.
Goutham 6/29/17, 6:07 AM
Raftaar Singh that article is bulllshit
Viraj Baraskar
Viraj Baraskar 6/29/17, 6:07 AM
He was d one who dared to enter the corrupt system and change it once he reached the top... Unlike all of us who just speak n speak n speak... How d hell can such a person b a shame to humanity?
Arvind Reddy
Arvind Reddy 6/29/17, 6:07 AM
I think u don't know anything about him
Arvind Reddy
Arvind Reddy 6/29/17, 6:07 AM
The man behind Indians​ freedom
Sam JS
Sam JS 6/29/17, 6:07 AM
Our education system potrayed him as bad person but coz Americans wanted his image to be this way for the rest of the world but fact is he was a great leader
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