Published 2016-11-28
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10 all time favourites of Big B

1. Zanjeer (1973)

The emergence of the angry young man.
Vijay witnessed the brutal murder of his parents as a child. He grows up to be an honest police officer, but is soon suspended on false charges, only to realize it was because of the one man why his parents aren't alive. Looking for answers, he’s determined to find the killer of his parents along with a street-wise girl and a Pathan, both who he met along the way.

2. Abhimaan (1973)

Subir, a professional singer meets a village girl Uma, who surprisingly also sings. They get married, and he returns to Mumbai with his bride. As Subir continues with his career he also nurtures Uma as a singer. Soon Uma’s singing career flourishes, while his falters and she eventually becomes more famous. This only provoked his jealousy and ego, which tears apart the marriage. The couple separates and has a miscarriage. Will they be able to get over this pickle and reunite?

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Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar 12/4/16, 7:06 AM
yd u h pj oh d I'll j oh zone
Raj Sagar
Raj Sagar 12/4/16, 7:06 AM
nobody is missing DON n AGNIPATH in that list.
Ghouse Pasha
Ghouse Pasha 12/2/16, 7:06 AM
Srk is Indian real legend
Prassy Bijoy
Prassy Bijoy 12/1/16, 7:06 AM
Very nice article...give me nostalgic memories
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