Published 2016-11-28
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10 all time favourites of Big B

3. Deewar (1975)

Two brothers: Vijay and Ravi Verma have very different career paths. Vijay starts out as a boot polisher, dockyard worker and then becomes a leading smuggler of the underworld. Ravi a policeman is asked to arrest some of the most notorious criminals and smugglers, including his brother. Will Vijay continue to do his crimes or will he join his family to lead a good and honest life?

4. Sholay (1975)

Thakur Baldev Singh, a police officer has his family killed by a bandit terrorizing the village of Ramgarh, Gabbar Singh. The officer gets two small time convicts, to help him find and seek vengeance on Gabbar. Along the way, the two faces ups and downs, but will they be able to risk their lives and nab the dangerous bandit?

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Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar 12/4/16, 7:06 AM
yd u h pj oh d I'll j oh zone
Raj Sagar
Raj Sagar 12/4/16, 7:06 AM
nobody is missing DON n AGNIPATH in that list.
Ghouse Pasha
Ghouse Pasha 12/2/16, 7:06 AM
Srk is Indian real legend
Prassy Bijoy
Prassy Bijoy 12/1/16, 7:06 AM
Very nice article...give me nostalgic memories
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