Published 2016-11-28
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10 all time favourites of Big B

5. Chupke Chupke (1975)

Parimal a botany professor and Sulekha meet on a hill station, fall in love and marry. But Parimal soon finds himself jealous of Raghav, Sulekha’s brother-in-law who she idolizes. So along with Sulekha, he plans to play a major prank on Raghav who he hasn't met. He pretends to be a driver and gets hired to work for Raghav. Sulekha and Parimal fool him into thinking that they’re having an affair. It only gets better when Parimal has his friends in on the joke too- Prashant, a Bombay businessman, and Sukumar (Amitabh), an English professor. Sukumar pretends to be the real Parimal and falls in love with Vasudha, Prashant’s sister.

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6. Amar Akbar Anthony (1977)

When Kishan Lal gets out of jail, he comes home to find his wife who is seriously ill and his three boys are living in poverty, who’s responsibility was given to his mob boss, Robert. Kishan is on the hunt for revenge but only to find himself in a more of a situation when he accidently runs away with a car containing gold. He takes his sons to a park and asks them to wait till he’s back, when he’s actually on the run from Robert’s men. Meanwhile, the three boys are found and get separated. They are adopted by a Hindu policeman, a Muslim tailor and a Catholic priest. Years later the boys reunite and get caught in a series of unlikely incidents. Will they be able to overcome the struggles and reunite with their family?

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Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar 12/4/16, 7:06 AM
yd u h pj oh d I'll j oh zone
Raj Sagar
Raj Sagar 12/4/16, 7:06 AM
nobody is missing DON n AGNIPATH in that list.
Ghouse Pasha
Ghouse Pasha 12/2/16, 7:06 AM
Srk is Indian real legend
Prassy Bijoy
Prassy Bijoy 12/1/16, 7:06 AM
Very nice article...give me nostalgic memories
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