Published 2017-06-22
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Everything you need to know about JANUARY born MEN!

A January born man is powerful, family loving, free and cool. As a father, he is very strict with his own set of rules but that is only what you see on the surface! Deep down he is sympathetic and kind. They build this wall around that seems like they want to keep people away by that but that is the only way they know how to keep that determined image of themselves because that is the only way they know how to survive.

They prefer making a name for themselves to being wealthy. At first, it seems like they want to be away from others and deprived of choice but if you look carefully, you will know that they are quite ambitious, are craving for fame and want to be loved just like anyone else. The only difference is that they do not say it out loud! You can see the diversity even in their love life. Despite being so dreamy, their moral rules act like a break and stop them from expressing any emotion.

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All these lead to them acting in a way that may take people by surprise at times. Probably the first thing that attracts you to a man born in January is his tongue, but the attraction lessens then you see that there is also a duality in this case. Although as you get to know them more, you will learn that they mean well, there is no bad intention behind all that offensive things they say. In fact, whatever they say, or the way they convey it doesn’t seem offensive to themselves at all.

Once they feel like they have hurt you with whatever they have said, they will try to make it up to you. If you can wreck the wall that they have built around themselves and get to know them more, surprisingly you will encounter a man with so much love for life and someone who has big dreams and is seeking for limitless freedom. He keeps all these things hidden inside and with that, will cause so much misunderstanding but that is the way they want to live.

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A man born in January pretends that he does not need to be given compliment or praised at all, and even when he is hearing the compliments and praises, he strongly inhibits the appearance of deep satisfaction and joy, but the truth is that he exhorts you to tell him regularly what a good, intelligent, stubborn, desired and interesting man he is. They are thirsty for attention. In you are in a relationship with these men, you might need to spend some time with them in order to figure how they feel about you.

But as soon as you do, you have to be satisfied with what you’ ve got because no way they will express the love they have for you no matter how deeply in love they are. January born men prefer to have a position that has the power but is anonymous. There's something about these people that is quite interesting and ironic! The fact that when they are young, they are incredibly serious and strict but as they age things change! By the time they are grandpas, they turn into the most kind-hearted person you have ever known!

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If you are his partner, the circuit of your life is in contrast with other women. As the other women's husbands get old, they need to put up with their agitating behaviour but you guys pass that phase right at the beginning. It is likely for a January born man to insist on going to a trip to Taj Mahal because he has heard that its nights are very romantic! One such a change is good since you don’t need to worry about a split anymore.

Divorce is never the case when you are with a January born man. The love he has for his family stops him from destroying your beautiful relationship. His love for his parents and siblings won’t die even when you enter his life so you need to try to impress them and stay on good terms with them. He might present himself as someone who doesn't care much about his family but doesn't let that rub you the wrong way.

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January born men choose a partner that is a real definition of a great partner. If you show up not so presentable one day, they definitely will complain. You need to teach them how to express their feelings and how to TALK! Or else you won’t hear a single term of endearment from them for the rest of your life. They think that only choosing you as their partner is enough to express their love. As a father, he teaches his children to follow his principles.

You might mistake his normal way of living as OCD! People will be surprised by how organised this man is. He has a fixed time for drinking coffee every single day. He hangs his clothes in one particular part of the closet and so many other things. Having said all that, as we always say, people's way of living and their attitude changes according to the circumstances they are in.

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Everything you need to know about JANUARY born WOMEN!
Yashas Hariprasad
Yashas Hariprasad 1/31/18, 7:07 AM
HK Pranava Prasad... Nodu... Read...
Mohini Tak
Mohini Tak 1/31/18, 7:07 AM
Not everything is true. But yes, till certain level, it is!
Sayak Sarkar
Sayak Sarkar 1/31/18, 7:07 AM
I can relate..that's how we r the January born man
AaShi Singh
AaShi Singh 1/30/18, 7:07 AM
January born men** likha hai
Prateek Dhar Sharma
Prateek Dhar Sharma 1/30/18, 7:07 AM
Tujhe dikhane ko hi likha tha
Yashad Trivedi
Yashad Trivedi 1/30/18, 7:07 AM
Woah ..Kitne achhe hai apan
Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh 1/30/18, 7:07 AM
Shivangi Malik Himangi Malik jaan lo ache se
Rohan Soni
Rohan Soni 1/30/18, 7:07 AM
Haarsh Sawant Shivani Sharangpani
Nihar Padhye
Nihar Padhye 1/30/18, 7:07 AM
Harshada Dhawade vach he
Harsh Singhal
Harsh Singhal 1/30/18, 7:07 AM
Chalna hai Taj Mahal?
Harsh Singhal
Harsh Singhal 1/30/18, 7:07 AM
Dono jagah jaa sakte hn
Badal Chaudhry
Badal Chaudhry 1/30/18, 7:07 AM
Pooja Sejwal dhyan se padh
Diptanu Deb
Diptanu Deb 1/30/18, 7:07 AM
Oho .so similar...impressed
Moses Singh
Moses Singh 1/30/18, 7:07 AM
Karishma Lall for you
Madhusudan Bansal
Madhusudan Bansal 1/30/18, 7:07 AM
Lavleen Kaur Surbhi Surbhi Jain
Srijan Singh
Srijan Singh 1/30/18, 7:07 AM
Sonakshi Kuch krna nahi hai sb sahi hai Bs pdh lena
Nitin Duhoon
Nitin Duhoon 1/30/18, 7:07 AM
Muskan Dawar phdyo sach bolre kya
Atharv Thombare
Atharv Thombare 1/30/18, 7:07 AM
Rohan Upasani...sagla khara aahe❤️
Sumedh Sawant
Sumedh Sawant 1/30/18, 7:07 AM
Vaibhavi Rane Can you relate this to me?
Vaibhavi Rane
Vaibhavi Rane 1/30/18, 7:07 AM
Ha I can but u not systematic Ha
Sumedh Sawant
Sumedh Sawant 1/30/18, 7:07 AM
I am not systematic?
Vaibhavi Rane
Vaibhavi Rane 1/30/18, 7:07 AM
Yes I m about to learn it and bahut datti khane wali hu Abhi se hi I feel
Vaibhavi Rane
Vaibhavi Rane 1/30/18, 7:07 AM
Ha I can but u not systematic Ha
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