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They adopted an orphan girl. When they found out what happened, their jaws dropped

There are great stories out there that nobody knows. And it’s not because they are not incredible or they don’t bring a message for the society. We want to present you one of those heartwarming stories that will make you think and see the world from a different perspective.
Everything started when Nanette and Vern, parents of 6, decided to make their family even bigger.

Unfortunately, they had some problems in their effort to conceive another child. It was very frustrating for them, but one night Nanette had a dream. The dream showed her a girl called Emily and in that very moment Nanette knew the girl was meant to be her next daughter.

Surprisingly, she got pregnant not long after this dream. However, she was told that her future child was going to be a boy. In spite of that message, Nanette was perfectly convinced that the destiny had decided to give her a daughter named Emily. That was the moment when Nanette and her husband decided to adopt a girl.

Both of them got in touch with the National Centre of Adoption in Ukraine. They spent long hours revising folders full of orphaned children photos, until they reached one particular photo, which attracted their attention so much, they both stopped and looked at it at the same time. It was a black&white picture of a girl with a huge ribbon on her head.

They adopted an orphan girl. When they found out what happened, their jaws dropped 4

The girl’s name was Emily and they had no more doubts. They came in the classroom where the children were learning and then magic happened: their eyes crossed and Emily’s eyes had that special sparkle. Nanette said that they could feel this unique bond with Emily and the girl could feel it too.

They were perfectly sure about their decision and, after getting home, they couldn’t sleep out the whole excitement. They woke up next morning and got in the car to take Emily with them and when they got to the orphanage, a translator told Emily that the two wanted to adopt her.

That was a moment when Emily run towards Vern, Nanette´s husband, and hugged him tight. It was a very emotional moment and a sign that everything was going to be much easier than they expected. It sometimes happens that an orphan not always fits in the new family but this time everyone was happy.

Vern explained that his wife and him felt a huge happiness that Emily was with them, but also a great sadness because of all the children that were staying there. It was a bittersweet sensation that showed them the crude reality of those poor children that had never had a decent family.

They also realised that Emily had an older sister in the same school she attended. Her name was Elizabeth, she was 4 years older than Emily and she was helping her sister as much as she could for all this time. They had no father and their mother was absent due to alcohol issues.

Vern and Nanette found out that Elizabeth spent two months crying every night when she was told that her sister was adopted. 6 months later, the family received a photo of Emily’s sister and could finally see the small guardian of their daughter. The photo was accompanied with a letter written by Elizabeth.

The letter contained words of gratitude and love. It seemed to be a letter from a grateful mother that congratulated her daughter on finding a family that could make her happy and could give her a normal life.

She didn’t ask about the reasons to take away her sister. The girl was simply grateful for that. Even though Elizabeth didn’t know the parents, she wrote that she loved them very much because they decided to take care of her sister.

Nanette and Vern without hesitation offered Elizabeth to join the family. The answer was fast and clear. It was a complete different situation from Emily’s, since Elizabeth knew they were coming for her and everything happened much faster. They talked all the way back.

When they arrived at the airport, Elizabeth saw her little sister Emily first time in a really long time. They run to give each other a huge hug that lasted several minutes. As time passed by, the family organised a travel for the orphaned children from Ukraine. They wanted to see them in their countries and find adoptive families for them. Everything went perfect and we are sure that it is a great story to share with your family and friends.
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