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5 Outlandish Guinness World Records

1. Most apples held in own mouth and cut by chainsaw

Johnny Strange set the world’s first official Guinness World Record for ’The most apples held in own mouth and chainsawed in one minute’. Johnny managed to chainsaw eight apples from his own mouth in one minute with a petrol chainsaw which earned him entry into the Guinness Book of Records 2015. Johnny also managed to break the record for ‘The most apples chainsawed out of someone else mouth in one minute’. Johnny managed to carefully saw through a whopping twelve apples in sixty seconds. This hair-raising stunt was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records 2017 along with his ’Most apples held in own mouth and chainsawed in one minute’ record.

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He set the official Guinness World Record for ‘The most watermelons chopped in half on somebody’s stomach’ act, called ‘The Human Chopping Board’. Johnny used Samurai sword to slice each melon clean in half, carefully stopping just millimeters away from cutting through flesh. For added danger this stunt was performed on a bed of 400 nails, leaving no room for error. Johnny managed to slice through 10 melons in 30 seconds which earned him entry into the Guinness Book of Records 2016.

2. Most T-shirts worn at once

Think about wearing 150 or even 250 T-shirts all at one time. The most T-shirts worn at once is 257 and was achieved by Sanath Bandara who lives in Colombo in Sri Lanka, on December 22nd, 2011. The record was attempted on stage in front of a crowd of people in a public park in Colombo. Sanath was victim of the 2008 Weliweriya bombing in Sri Lanka and has attempted to break Guinness World Records ever since. It took him around 1 hour, 7 minutes and 3 seconds to get to 257 shirts. "One has just to try and see how tough it is. I was bearing the burden of over 66 kg at the completion of wearing 257 T-shirts. I have pains in my joints now. But I feel great after achieving the target," Bandara told The Island after making his attempt.

Sanath was a victim of the bombing that took place in Sri Lanka in 2008 when 15 people were killed by a suicide bomber at the beginning of a marathon. After the experience, Sanath decided to try and break several world records. This has been his greatest achievement so far. After recovering from the bomb injuries, Bandara tried his luck at ultra marathons (hundred milers) and also tried to establish Guinness World Records on several occasions, all in vain. Bandara tried to establish a record by running the longest distance continuously for 24 hours on a treadmill, but was unsuccessful.

3. Longest beard in the world

Mr. Sarwan Singh!!! This name is written in The Guinness World Book of Record for having the longest beard in the world. It measures 2.495 m (8 ft 2.5 in) and belongs to Sarwan Singh (Canada) when measured in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, on 8 September 2011. Sarvan Singh won the Guinness World Record in 2008 when his beard ran to about 7 ft 8 inches long, measured from the tip of his chin to the end of his beard.

Mr. Singh, who has never shaved in his life, wasn't exactly sure how long his beard was until 2008. Usually, he keeps his beard rolled up or over his shoulder, but if he wears it down the front, his whiskers will brush the floor. And he said he's done nothing special to encourage his beard to grow, but he said that it's his "favorite body part."

4. Longest distance keeping a table lifted with teeth

Talk about strong choppers! Here is one, Georges Christen, from Luxembourg, who is a multiple Guinness World Record holder. He can bend solid iron bars with his muscle power, tear a complete deck of cards and a telephone, and even ran ran 38 feet and 8 inches while carrying a 26 pound table and a 110 pound woman sitting on it with his mouth in Madrid, Spain, on February 9, 2008. Few more records on his name are hot-water bottle bursting with lung power, spike bending (368 iron nails in one hour), pulling a railway carriage with teeth.

Some of the sentences that he said are quite inspiring “If I'm still in good shape, I would like to continue even when I'm old. Even if the things I'm doing aren't so heavy any more,” and “For me doing things at 50 shouldn't be a problem. I feel strong. My father, for example, could bench press 81 kilos when he was 90.” He definitely wants to show more stunts.

5. Most canned drinks opened by a parrot in one minute

You won't believe what a parrot can do! The most canned drinks opened by a parrot in one minute is 35 and was achieved by Zac (Parrot) in San Jose, California, USA, on January 12 2012. Julie and Ed Cardoza are parrot trainers and owners of Zac, a 25-year-old parrot who holds a spot in Guinness World Book of Records 2013 for the most basketballs slam-dunked by a parrot in a minute. Julie and Ed have raised the Harlequin Macaw from chick-hood, and trained him daily for 22 years until his recent retirement.

Zac knows 100 vocabulary words and he talks most when taking a car ride, and more he was acknowledged as having 1,728 words when the Guinness Book went to press. Julia said that Zac is very lucky for them and he is part of their family. The parrot can slam down a stunning 22 dunks in one minute on a miniature hoop using a wiffle ball and those holes are pretty big for a beaked bird. “We are very proud of Zac and we're glad that he had so much fun making the record!" said Julia and Ed.

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