Published 2017-06-22
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Your ZODIAC sign says what cat you should have as your pet!

Zodiac signs and astrology can tell a lot about the human's character. Some people make decisions about their lives based on the arrangement of stars and divination. Other read horoscopes to learn about nature and possibilities for the future. Have you considered that the signs of the zodiac can also reveal which type and breed of animal best suits you?

Today we will show you which cat is suitable for each person based on the ZODIAC sign.

Your ZODIAC sign says what cat you should have as your pet! 1

Cats were domesticated about 9500 years ago and are now the most popular pets in the world. Wild ones can live free for about 8 years, those which are kept at home can live up to 20 years. Although these animals are called loners, they are in fact very sociable. When it comes to domestic cats, there are about a hundred breeds.

So if you like animals and you wonder what cat you should choose to have it at home, just read our article!

Aries: Siberian Cat

Aries are confident, brave, ambitious and independent. They are active and dynamic, which brings them so much success. Failures bring them to fury, but luckily this feeling passes quickly. For Aries, the best cat species would be a Siberian cat. They are active, spontaneous animals with a great temperament. They like to climb and jump, at home and are friendly and affectionate.

Taurus: Ragdoll

Taurus are people who love all sensual pleasures, and especially culinary feast and touch. They like to surround themselves with everything that is beautiful and also expensive and old. They like luxury, but they also need peace and harmony in their lives. The best cat for this zodiac sign would be the Ragdoll, which is considered one of the nicest in the genre. In addition, it is exceptionally trustful and calm.

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Gemini: Turkish Van

Geminis have a cheerful attitude towards the world, they are never bothered and always fall on one's feet. They are very sociable, they love to gossip. Geminis love entertainment, sports, and fun. They have no problems with making friendships. For those who are born under this sign, the best would be Turkish Van cat, which loves fun and has a friendly temperament.

Cancer: Maine Coon

Cancers are attached to tradition, have a conservative look at the world. They are very sensitive and caring. At all costs want to have loved ones around them. They like home comforts. That's why Maine Coon cats will be the best for them. These animals are known for being attached to humans. They are more sociable and easier to live with than with other cats.

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Leo: Abyssinian

People born under the Leos sign are brave and confident. If they want something they will achieve it for sure. They are very ambitious, persistent and have a strong will. They do not like rivalry because they always feel that they are the best. The choice for Leos should be the Abyssinian cat, who is very sociable, active and energetic. Besides, these cats love to capture attention and evoke sympathy.

Aries: Siberian Cat

Virgo: Sphynx

Virgos are striving for perfection, they are very critical and pragmatic. They are not sensitive to weakness, they cannot stand drama. They love order, have organizational skills but they are generally picky and demanding. Which cat will be better for the Virgos than the Sphynx? These cats do not leave fur on the furniture and are very independent.

You've got to see which one fits Scorpio!

Libra: LaPerm

People born under the sign of Libra have a romantic soul, they are creative and sociable. Everything around them must be friendly and aesthetically pleasing. They cannot stand loneliness, they are very loyal. They also do not like conflicts and they resolve disputes peacefully. For those people, the best will be LaPerm cat. These animals are intelligent, they love a company and try to be always very close to human.

Scorpio: Russian Blue

Scorpios are smart people, with incredible intuition. They are very independent and decisive. Often they impose their will on others and use their advantage. They have high intelligence and sharp jokes. They have high self-esteem and do not admit mistakes. For them, the best will be Russian Blue cat. These animals are clever, intelligent, and sometimes even malicious.

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Sagittarius: Bengal

Sagittarius are people full of temperament, optimism, and willing to have adventures. They are naive idealists. They are not afraid to cross new frontiers, often willingly experimenting and discovering new things. For them, the best will be Bengal cat. These animals are energetic and have a good sense of humor. They like the company of people. They also like walking, they often even demand it.

Capricorn: Korat

Capricorns belong to the most consistent and organized people. They are never late. Usually very serious, straitlaced and restrained. They can hardly express their feelings. They are responsible, persistent and patient. The best choice for the Capricorns is Korat cat. These animals are quiet and do not attract attention. However, they can make strong family ties with people.

What kind of cat breed should Aquarius have?

Aquarius: Sacred Birman

Aquarians are active and energetic people. They are interested in everything and want to try everything in their life. They are trusting, direct and honest. They defend the weak, they stay against human harm and misery. The best choice for Aquarians is Sacred Birman cat. These are very friendly and benevolent animals. These cats are also smart and sociable.

Pisces: British Longhair

Pisces are rather shy people, covert but with a very large imagination. They are very creative and predominantly versatile talented. They are naive idealists and utopian dreamers. They like social life and parties, but often they also need solitude. For the Pisces, the British Longhair cat is the best. These animals are calm, rather reluctant to climb. Although they look like cuddles, they choose the place and the time for a caress.

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Jay Malhotra Mahima Malhotra
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Daisy Mali 7/18/17, 6:06 AM
People know nothing about Geminis
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नेहा कुकरेती 7/18/17, 6:06 AM
I guess Mine says "All "
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Perfect ❤ I just can't wait to start that phase of life with you jaan :')
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Drishti Anshul Sharma 7/17/17, 6:06 AM
Divya Sharma Vidya Sharma
Divya Sharma
Divya Sharma 7/17/17, 6:06 AM
Russian blue
Divya Sharma
Divya Sharma 7/17/17, 6:06 AM
Russian blue
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Utkrisht Mathur 7/17/17, 6:06 AM
Karan Khosla for your new love of cats
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So Ragdoll and Turkish Van
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Vanitha Pujari 7/17/17, 6:06 AM
Yes, yes
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Poornima Taranath 7/17/17, 6:06 AM
Deeksha Samson Manoraj
Deeksha Samson Manoraj
Deeksha Samson Manoraj 7/17/17, 6:06 AM
I was really hoping for a Russian blue or Scottish fold! But then I would take any kitty and all kitties.
Deeksha Samson Manoraj
Deeksha Samson Manoraj 7/17/17, 6:06 AM
I was really hoping for a Russian blue or Scottish fold! But then I would take any kitty and all kitties.
Chhavi Bansal
Chhavi Bansal 7/17/17, 6:06 AM
This isn't going on the next page at all :/ Anyway, I'm sure I'd want all of them
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Suyash Chétry Upamanyu
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Mine's laPerm and yours? Shruti Shukla
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Shraddha अपर्णा Snehal Tanmay Sanket Prathamesh Shubham try it..
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Libra chi cat...
Shraddha Ghadashi
Shraddha Ghadashi 7/16/17, 6:06 AM
Libra chi cat...
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Merlin Menezes 7/16/17, 6:06 AM
Emma Rogier I don't have the right one lol what about you?
Ananya Das Gupta
Ananya Das Gupta 7/16/17, 6:06 AM
When u are a bengali and you get a bengal cat
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Apurva Wadekar terko inside out wali mili
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Kajal Khanna 7/16/17, 6:06 AM
Karishma Bagchi try ☺
Karishma Bagchi
Karishma Bagchi 7/16/17, 6:06 AM
Best kinds of cats are the rescued ones :D
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