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PERSONALITY TEST: Which figure do you think is a girl? Your answer will tell you a lot about yourself...

This personality test is composed of a series of images or questions with different answers, and thanks to these in-depth solutions you can know the complete character of a person. In the early years of the twentieth century, the first tests began to be carried out, with some of the most important things being the Myers-Briggs Indicator and the Big Five Model. In today's article that is one of the most viral tests, we want to know "Which of these three figures do you consider to be a girl?" Think about it and read on to know the meaning of your choice!

Figure 1

Figure 1

Has this been your choice? Then you share the response with 30% of the population. If there is one thing that truly defines you completely, it is 'Freedom'. For you, there is nothing better than enjoying life without strings being attached to a particular place or person. As for relationships with your loved ones, you have probably realized that you move away from negativity as much as possible. Apart from that, if you acknowledge that something is confusing or not right, you will try to fix it ASAP in order not to worry about it for too long.

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Figure 1 1

If you consider a person to be toxic, you do whatever it takes to keep yourself away. Bad influences have no place in your life. As for your real friends, you do not like being too "clingy", meaning you do not share all your free time with them. If they truly appreciate you, they will accept you the way you are, plus there's no need for you to validate your character or your actions constantly. You have two main virtues: sympathy and unpredictability. You are always surprising everyone with your actions! In a good way though.

Figure 1 2

Everyone who is around you is very curious to know what you are doing at any moment since you never waste time or sit idly. Use all your free time to fulfil your dreams! Thanks to your cold and impassive character, you never hesitate to express exactly how you feel. If someone is upset by your words that is their problem because all you said was the truth. Tbh, a large number of people admire you for who you are and for your leadership, take advantage of it since it might be something that will not last forever.

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Figure 1 3

Figure 2

Only 2 out of 10 people consider the second figure a female character, but these individuals should feel really proud of their choice. They are definitely unique. With regard to friendship, not everyone gets to be their close friend. Although they get along really well with a lot of people, they only consider those who have accompanied them in the worst moments and with whom they share experiences almost daily as their closest friends. And for friends whom they care for deeply, they will move mountains.

Figure 2

If this has been your answer you have to know that fidelity and trust are very important, and consider them basic in forging both a beautiful friendship and a relationship. Changes are not exactly welcomed in your life since you are accustomed to your daily routine. Maybe if you try making small changes you will be really surprised at how much you enjoy life when it is a little different. The world is full of secrets that need to be discovered by you! Overcoming shyness will help you become a better person.

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Figure 2 1

Normally it is difficult for you to open up and show your feelings to others, especially if you have just met them. Although you come across as a certain person, in total confidence you will have no problem expressing your true self. As for relationships, you may find it difficult to get serious with a partner, eventually, you will walk down the aisle with someone very special with whom you will share the rest of your days in peace and harmony. You enjoy life and you are really grateful for everything.

Figure 3

Figure 3

If figure 3 was your choice, then you're with the 50% of the population that has chosen this answer. What made it possible for so many people to choose this option? Probably the long hair in the picture. With regard to the personality of the voters, they must know that they are human beings with circles of very large friendships, so much so that even on weekends they hesitate a great deal before leaving with friends or others. Why do they always count on them when it comes to carrying out a plan? Mainly because of their natural grace and because they have a phenomenal character.

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Figure 3 1

In loving terrain, they often prefer to "go from flower to flower," meaning to be with many different couples before finding a definitive one that fully realizes them as human beings. These people are very open to the changes in their life, so every time someone proposes to carry out a new experience or visit a place where they have not been, a smile from ear to ear appears on their faces. What better way to spend a vacation than to be with your partner and friends in the paradise?

Figure 3 2

Luckily, both their close friends and individuals who only know them by hearing have a good impression of them. Social networks are full of photographs and videos of their adventures, apart from everyday images in which they appear with their family, the Which have a very special appreciation. Traveling around the world is one of their passions, so it's no wonder they have friends in every corner of the planet. They will have a stable and well-paid job and a very happy destination.

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Figure 3 3
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