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Everything you need to know about APRIL born MEN!

April born men are straightforward, aggressive at times, passionate, loving, adventurous and perfect leaders. These men can be incredibly passionate with their partner but also can be harshly cold. If you are looking for a partner that makes you feel safe and sound then he definitely is not the one for you but if you are looking for a thrilling and adventurous love, he is just the perfect suit.

Everything you need to know about APRIL born MEN! 1

If at the peak of his excitement and happiness you do something that he doesn’t approve of, he is immediately extinguished just like the light. There is no middle ground for this man so you need to make sure that you think about everything twice. He is not conservative. April born man is confident and he is always one step ahead of other people. Sometimes he is even one step ahead of himself!

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Everything you need to know about APRIL born MEN! 2

This man is full of energy and new ideas. Sometimes working with someone like this can be a pain in the neck but at the end of the day, there will be nothing but benefits for both parties. He never thinks of the past. He looks way younger than his age and this will stay with him till he ages. He is not fond of taking one step at the time. Great gestures are his thing!

Everything you need to know about APRIL born MEN! 3

He can be the source of generosity and forgiveness. He will provide for others no matter how well he knows them but if his expectations won’t get met, he will turn into an uncontrollably harsh person. He cannot stand working with people who are pessimistic or have a negative vibe. He cannot pretend like he is fine when he is working with the people he doesn’t like!

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Everything you need to know about APRIL born MEN! 4

When he falls in love a new Romeo and Juliet is born. He falls so hard and so deep like there is no one on this planet other than him and his lover. He does believe in true love that is why when his heart is broken, he tries his best to put the shattered pieces back together and win her back again but there's no point crying over spilled milk, is there? It is all water under the bridge now.

Everything you need to know about APRIL born MEN! 5

He is so ideal when it comes to affection and emotion that you could write a best-selling romantic novel of his love story. There is no balance, it is all madness. When it comes to his love and communicating with her, he is very calm and quiet but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is expressing the way he feels toward you like that. Deep down in his heart is fire burning.

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Everything you need to know about APRIL born MEN! 6

If he doesn’t see any reactions from the one he is expressing love toward at the beginning, soon, he will give up on her and move on to someone new. In terms of a partnership, he has his own rules that if his partner neglects them, he will eat himself up for it. He is not a fan of makeup or better say, he doesn’t like to see his partner constantly doing a make over!

Everything you need to know about APRIL born MEN! 7

If your partner is born in April, you need to take care of so many little things. The way you chew your chewing gum, the way you watch TV and so many other things. Don’t share your personal issues with them! When he comes to his love, he wants to visit her with a smile and pleasant scent. Don’t kill the mood with your words because he will break into pieces.

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Everything you need to know about APRIL born MEN! 8

He needs to be with someone who is honest with her feelings just like how he is with his. If not, he will start to look for someone else and that is not considered as cheating for him just because he believes his emotionless partner is the one who has been betraying all this time! He imagined that his wife was a lovely, warm and intimate creature while now he sees that it was all hollow.

Everything you need to know about APRIL born MEN! 9

His heart belongs only to his partner. All she needs to do to make sure that he will always stay faithful to him is to remind him, every single day, that he is the best and he can do whatever he puts his mind to. An April born man detest confessing that he is wrong. He has this inevitable sense of ownership and jealousy and maybe that is the reason why they first need to be 100% sure of their significant other. Having said all that, as we always say, people's way of living and their attitude changes according to the circumstances they are in.

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Everything you need to know about APRIL born MEN! 10
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