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The Family of Frozen Ages!!!

Every day we see so many beautiful faces that we think they just came out of a fairytale. Even more surprisingly we witness some models that look way younger than what their age actually is! They might be using the Photoshop or other edit programs to polish their photos. In that case, they are incredibly talented! Or they have some professionals that actually do it for them. Now, whatever that is, still you can feel that they have aged when you compare their photos to, let’s say, 5 years ago.

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We all go through changes! Some of these celebrities undergo some surgeries to regain their flawless youth look back but it doesn’t always turn out to be a great choice. Asia is well-known for their miraculous results of plastic surgery operations. Every year, an eye-catching number of people, whether tourists or Asians themselves, undergo these beauty procedures. But in today’s article, we are going to show you a family that every member of it looks in their 20s without the need of any surgeries!!!

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It wasn’t long ago that the pictures of an interior designer became the talk of the town and it was not because of how talented she was! Well, we are not sure about that part yet! Her look left everyone’s jaw dropped! Like this already wasn’t enough, some now pictures were revealed that made it even harder to believe! They have all proven that “Age is just a number”! We never thought we could use this saying for the people who look way younger than their age!

Are you lost? Ok! Let us give you a little bit of insight. A Taiwanese interior designer, Lure Hsu who has so many followers on Instagram has given everyone a heart attack by the way she looks! Can you guess how old she is? Probably in her 20s, right? NO! Wrong! She is in her early 40s! That is the reason why the internet is freaking out!

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She claims that the secret to her beauty is simple! She said that "Moisturizing is too important, in fact, ageing, wrinkles and other skin problems, as long as the moisturising is done, can be reduced. Sun is also very important, but not excessive exposure, especially in the summer. Even if the sun's not shining harshly you need to use sunscreen.”

“Sun makes your skin dry and those small spots, small fine lines is easy to appear, so I think everything is simply solved by moisturizing well, and no over-exposure.”! Not sure if that would work for us but why not? Let’s give it a try! From now on, water and sunscreen will be all we need to look young! Speaking of which, she also mentioned the importance of water "You need to drink more frequently, for example, if you were originally drinking one bottle in 3 days, now change it to 2 days a bottle!”

But is that all? The rest is yet to come...

She mentioned that you need to use less irritating Skincare products so that the skin rests more and in order for you skin to regain the health. But as she goes on about the way she takes care of her skin, she mentioned lymphatic drainage massage (what happened to only water and sunscreen!!!!). However, that is not the only things she added! Vitamin C is the other one! We knew that water couldn’t do all of this!

"Everyday, I eat vegetables, fruits, everything that contains vitamin C”. Luckily, all around the year, you can find fruits that contain vitamin C, or else it would be impossible to look as gorgeous as this family look! She also mentioned how the diet is of vital importance saying that protein and vegetables should have a balanced intake. If the intake is not balanced then your metabolism will slow down which is not good for you body.

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The fashion blogger and interior designer stunned thousands of people way more when they realised that she is not the only one that looks this healthy and young! This runs in their family! Lure Hsu is 41, her two sisters Sharon and Fayay are 36 and 40 and their mother is 63!!! She is a retired dancer and probably that is why the whole family emphasis on how important it is to work out. They are called ‘The Family of Frozen Ages’ by Taiwanese media.

Undoubtedly, among all the young-face-with-not-very-young-age people that exist on the internet, this family wins the prize and knocks them all out by looking the most youthful! There’s been nothing about whether or not they have gone under the surgery to look better. This means we all can look this good only if we follow the same rules!
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