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Published 2017-06-29
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The hottest city in the world!

In the hottest city in the United States, Phoenix, Arizona, summer temperatures routinely exceed 40ºC, sometimes even settling at 49ºC. Over the past week, the 12th largest metropolitan area across the country, crossed a truly extreme heat wave, reaching 60ºC in some points. However, July has the warmest average temperature of the whole area, with 42ºC stable compared to the 40ºC of June. However, three of the four hottest days in Phoenix, including the 50-degree historical record, occurred in June.

The hottest city in the world! 1

Before people in other parts of the world get to scream and say that in their countries it is the same heat, we need to clear some things. Obviously, there are Mexican municipalities in which the temperatures are around 50ºC, but most are nestled in the desert and do not have the size of Phoenix. Neither do we count the thermal sensation of some of those places, in which they can reach 62 degrees. Phoenix may not be the hottest big city in the world for many people, but experts have considered it as such for a number of reasons that we will highlight throughout the following pages...

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The hottest city in the world! 2


Arizona is relatively close to the equator, and as a result, receives a lot of energy from the sun, particularly at this time of year. In addition, the summer solstice offers the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. That's why the days are longer during the summer months because of the tilt of the earth as it turns around the sun. Those longer days offer more possibilities for things to reach higher temperatures.


The Phoenix area is about 300 meters above sea level. Other parts of the state have the same desert landscape as Phoenix, and many of those locations are further south and closer to the equator. Along Interstate 8, we find some of them: Yuma, Tacna, Dateland and Gila Bend, which also experience the same hot oven as Phoenix. However, many of these places have a higher elevation and, therefore, are cooler. Tucson, which is 700 meters above sea level, is 3.6 degrees colder than Phoenix in June.

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High pressure

That big H that is sometimes seen on American weather maps represents high air pressure, which often haunts with the great waves the Phoenix in the month of June. A fairly persistent high-pressure area is usually found in the Southwest, a major factor in sunny weather. Because high pressure often results in clear and dry conditions, it contributes to the extreme heat of the city. In simple terms, the long, sunny days of this time of year means more time in the sun and less time for night cooling.


Dry heat

It appears June is the driest month of the year in Phoenix, with only 0.5 mm of rainfall on average. That's why dry air contributes to extreme temperatures, often experienced at the end of the month and before the start of the monsoon season. And all that lack of moisture means that much less energy is needed so that the sun can heat the same volume of dry air compared to the air with higher humidity level. The problem is that, unlike other inner cities or located in the desert, Phoenix is subject to quite peculiar conditions that make it very warm.

A record of the hottest city is...?

Urban heat island

This term describes how concrete, asphalt, and buildings in metropolitan areas cling to heat compared to less developed areas (Mexican municipalities). Such development, particularly in the last 30 or 40 years, has caused temperatures, especially at night, to increase considerably. The overnight average for Phoenix in June 2016 was 27.8°C, which set the record for this statistic established in the previous year, according to the National Weather Service, that is, 4.4 degrees above the usual.


Either way, people on the West Coast have been forced to endure a steady rise in temperature over the past few days, reaching constant 48 degrees throughout the city. In fact, it was too hot for planes to take off due to a change in air density; American Airlines cancelled 38 flights specifically. On the other hand, prisoners in Tent City, a prison housing about 1,000 offenders, had to be moved abroad, sleeping in tents and doing their daily routine.

What were medical warnings in the country?

High pressure

Medical emergencies were strongly recommended that people do not leave their homes at certain times of the day due to the danger of sunlight. Many traffic lights and traffic signs have melted, as well as numerous plastic bins. Pet owners had to be careful and refresh them with water often since dogs are seriously affected by the heat, in fact, they have recommended a kind of special shoes so that they do not burn their legs with asphalt. The meteorologists had not seen such an extreme heat wave, and it is something that cannot be compared to any other phenomenon related to heat.

Experts have been forced to use a magenta color scale on their weather maps to explain the intensity of heat that hits Arizona. Three days ago, on June 23, it was the first time in the history of mankind that this model was used. Some Phoenix people posted humorous videos showing how you could fry an egg in a frying pan in the sun at 48°C, or how a chocolate cookie was cooked on the hood of a car. However, older people had to use serious measures to combat this horrible heat, moisturizing every moment and using wet cloths for the face. Apparently, Arizona is believed to be an uninhabitable place within a few years due to the inexorable increase in temperatures. What do you think?

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The hottest city in the world!
Arjun Singh
Arjun Singh 7/10/17, 6:08 AM
My India is best in all the way
Nishanth Bhagavath Ramakrishnan
Nishanth Bhagavath Ramakrishnan 7/10/17, 6:08 AM
In summer anga heat la melt aaguthu. But inga
Pravin Kumar
Pravin Kumar 7/10/17, 6:08 AM
Unna porutha varai enaku summer laiyae winter nu solra
Skidas Skidra
Skidas Skidra 7/10/17, 6:08 AM
Come to bhutan and enjoy temperature 10 to 15 degree all year round
Sonia Kaul Takoo
Sonia Kaul Takoo 7/10/17, 6:08 AM
They haven't been to Delhi NCR or Rajasthan. Never heard of melting tyres and plastic there ..... :D :D
Akhilesh Pal
Akhilesh Pal 7/10/17, 6:08 AM
Yeh mc ke bacche humko milke pagal Bana rahe hai
Sarvajeet Sharma
Sarvajeet Sharma 7/10/17, 6:08 AM
If it's the hottest's common to have 45 degree across India in summer ..will say it's volcano ....
Noaman Ahmed Baig
Noaman Ahmed Baig 7/10/17, 6:08 AM
Go to Kuwait or any middle eastern country during summer(right about now) to feel the heat.
Pravin Kumar
Pravin Kumar 7/9/17, 6:07 AM
Nishanth Bhagavath Ramakrishnan Arizona anbudan varaverkiradhu
Nishanth Bhagavath Ramakrishnan
Nishanth Bhagavath Ramakrishnan 7/10/17, 6:08 AM
In summer anga heat la melt aaguthu. But inga
Pravin Kumar
Pravin Kumar 7/10/17, 6:08 AM
Unna porutha varai enaku summer laiyae winter nu solra
Khyathi Kiran Chadalavada
Khyathi Kiran Chadalavada 7/9/17, 6:07 AM
Chandana Pvs Deepthy Pericherla Karishma Reddy Lasya Kora Srilekha Talluri Halember Mounika Sushma Supriya
Ilyas Ansari
Ilyas Ansari 7/9/17, 6:07 AM
China Ka tyre hoga bhai
Rugved Desai
Rugved Desai 7/9/17, 6:07 AM
Bake cakes, make pizza, grill meat!
Pratyaksh Nath Sharma
Pratyaksh Nath Sharma 7/9/17, 6:07 AM
Hun kya keh sakde !!!!!
Anurag Singh Tomar
Anurag Singh Tomar 7/9/17, 6:07 AM
Delhi mein b toh 47 gya tha iss baar
Ummed Sharma
Ummed Sharma 7/9/17, 6:07 AM
Bc rajsthan churu aake dekho... Anda fry ho jayega ... 53 cross ho gya ta
Raj Gudapati
Raj Gudapati 7/9/17, 6:07 AM
Crosses 48 hell in Andhra HuHu it sucks
Vijay Kondaveeti
Vijay Kondaveeti 7/9/17, 6:07 AM
I live in south india. In my city during peak summer temperature goes to 50 and we play cricket outside.
Pratik Kumar Mishra
Pratik Kumar Mishra 7/9/17, 6:07 AM
Madarchod.... Bachpan se Science Teacher ko Explain kartey hue baadey ho gaye.. Laudey aab Tu naya Science leke aa gaya ....Chutiye.. Bhhkkk Bhosdike
Shakti Rajawat
Shakti Rajawat 7/9/17, 6:07 AM
ये दुनिया गोल नही मादरचोद हे क्योकि इस दुनिया में तुम जेसे चुतिये रहते हो जो दुसरो को भी चुतिया समझकर ऐसी चुतिया पोस्ट शेयर करके दुसरो का चुतिया काटने की सोचते हो । । । भोफड़ि को
Banit 7/8/17, 6:07 AM
Pratyaksh Nath Sharma Aah dekhle !!
Pratyaksh Nath Sharma
Pratyaksh Nath Sharma 7/9/17, 6:07 AM
Hun kya keh sakde !!!!!
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