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Can you see the error that exists in this image?

Do you consider that you have mental and visual abilities that are extraordinary? If so the riddles that we are going to propose next will not cause some problems for you. Often our brain is tested by various problems, and because of that we need to exercise it often with certain challenges; If not then what is the fun in solving puzzles? And what is better than the instant satisfaction of being the one who can solve the puzzle among your friends? So are you guys ready to be tested? Here we go!

Can you see the error that exists in this image? 1

What we see in this picture is supposed to be very simple, since it only shows an old desk with a series of objects around it and placed strategically to be used in the future: a telephone, a calendar, some books, a trash bin... All these elements are normal and ordinary, but it seems that there is a small detail that is not quite right in the image: are you able to see it? Throughout the following pages, we will reveal the solution and even propose several puzzles that will delight you...

Do you want to see if you are a true genius? Stay with us...

Can you see the error that exists in this image? 2

The image we have seen on the previous page is one of the most popular ones on the Internet since many people have been unable to find the solution. Could you find anything that did not belong to the desk? Is it possible that the face of a human or the figure of an animal is hidden among the things on the desk? We will not reveal it yet, but if you've quickly realized what's happening, you're really a workaholic. Do you consider this clue enough? Possibly. If not, we show you some hobbies to exercise your mind when you face such challenges...

Can you see the error that exists in this image? 3

In this picture, we can see a yellow bus that is moving quickly in the streets of London. Are there any mysteries in this? Not really, but the truth is that this picture became viral a few years ago on the networks because the children were able to guess the answer to a question about it and adults were not. What is the question? Just in which direction the bus is speeding: which one is the accurate answer? To the left or to the right? Do you think you know?

Look at the small details which we show on the Next page to find the solution...

What is one of the most important parts of this vehicle? The main door, because thanks to it users can enter the vehicle. As we can see in this image, this car does not have any kind of door, so the door is probably on the other side. And from where do people usually get on the bus? On the right side of this one! So supposedly we have already figured out a very important detail. Do you already know toward which direction it is moving? There are still certain aspects that we need to figure...

Can you see the error that exists in this image? 4

Unfortunately, in the drawing the person who drives the vehicle is missing, so we do not know if it is actually placed on the left or to the right. If we assume that the door is located on the right and in the hidden part of the image, it can easily be deduced that in this drawing the driver is on the left. Which direction is our bus moving to? Then to the left, the place where the driver is located. Has it been easy? Certainly, you had to think a little...

Do you want to know one more puzzle? Continue with us!

Can you see the error that exists in this image? 5

"The Simpsons" is one of the most important animated series of all time. Each and every one of us has enjoyed watching the adventures of the yellow family, so it should be fairly simple to realize what is wrong in this image. Did you know that there are up to 7 errors between the two drawings? It is true that there are some which are easier to spot than others, but the truth is that only the most faithful followers have the ability to see them all instantly. Do not go down until you have located all of them!

Can you see the error that exists in this image? 6

Where were all those differences? First, the ear of Homer that does not own its characteristic mark. The bricks of the wall were also quite easy to see and the absence of the knocker on the front door. The hedge on the left and the piece of grass next to Lisa are also different in the picture below, as well as one of the windows and the tree on the top of the picture. Has it been difficult for you? The truth is that there were some details only visible to meticulous observers.

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Can you see the error that exists in this image? 7

We come to the end of this article, but before we show the final conclusions, it is necessary that we reveal the answer to the main question: what is the error in this supposedly so simple drawing? To do this we must pay attention to an object that is on the desktop: the calendar. Despite being a fairly simple element, the fact is that many of us have not taken into the account that there is no 31 in June!

Can you see the error that exists in this image? 8

As we know, this month only has thirty days, so it seems that this small calendar has a major printing failure. Were you able to notice it quickly or did you pass through all the pages to get the answer? In the first case, you are probably a workaholic: people who live by and for their trade tend to focus on the smallest details, so for them the days they spend on the calendar are vital.

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Can you see the error that exists in this image? 9
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