Published 2016-08-01
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3 women take a selfie on a plane, but what they find out 2 years later is truly shocking

The photos that we take during our holidays have a special value since most of them immortalize the best moments and help to remember the situations that we experienced during that holiday. This fact may lead to taking a big number of photos in order to look back and have a great laugh at the memories that have passed.

However, these three women didn’t laugh when they discovered something very unusual on their holiday pictures. 2 years after taking one of the photos, they observed something that left them speechless and worried, as it was very strange.

At first, the photo doesn’t seem to be any special. It’s a simple selfie taken on an airplane before the take-off. The three women are joyful, relaxed and ready to have a great time. Something bizarre appeared in the background of this photograph but the women didn’t notice it at that time. You won’t believe what it was!

They noticed what happened on that photo 2 years after. On the picture, the three of them were posing and sticking their tongues out in a joking way. They had a great time. They weren’t conscious what is going to happen with their picture some time later.

If you look carefully at their selfie, you can see a man smiling. It looks like a classic photobomb, when you just ruin a photo by standing behind, making a silly smile. It doesn’t seem bad a priori, it’s just a joker that wants to make his apparition on some stranger’s photo. One can feel offended or just laugh at it.

It’s a very common situation that you notice some strange people on your pictures. Photobombers are everywhere :) The strangers try by all means to worsen or ruin the shoot by making funny faces or weird gestures.

Two years after taking the photo, the women decided to have a holiday trip to the same place that they were before. They thought they had so much fun in that place that it was worth going there again. Women had an idea to replicate the photo they took last time, but this time without the tongues out :) But…Will you guess who made his apparition on the photo again?

Sharon Haak from Newcastle was amazed by seeing “the same guy” in the background photobombing them once again. Two years have passed and he was still there!

Sharon and her friends, Samantha Shield and Elaine Dixon, were travelling to Spain to have some girlie holidays again and they couldn’t believe that the same scene repeated this May. The male intruder had the same brown hair and eyes as the one smiling on the first photo. This incident became so viral that everyone got crazy with this incredible coincidence.
Source: Giphy/Imgur

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