Published 2017-07-05
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9 qualities of a PERFECT FEMALE partner!

2. Image

Ladies do care about their image mostly more than men. It is so important to know what other people are thinking about them and their relationship and if they think she and her partner are a match made in heaven or not! You need to stop that! Your man honestly does not care much about that and it is agitating when he sees that you care more about what others think than what he thinks!

2. Image

3. Cook

You know how elderlies always say that if you want a man to fall for you, cook delicious dishes for him? Well, we are afraid, it is true to some extent. We are not saying that you need to be a perfect housewife and just cook, clean and take care of the baby or whatever house chores that women do but it is nice if you make some efforts in cooking a homemade meal. That is always appreciated, even if your man does that for you!

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3. Cook
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9 Qualities of a PERFECT MALE partner!
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