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Published 2017-07-05
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This Japanese method will help you burn belly fat quickly...

Origins of the breathing method

Although it may seem that the origin of this method comes from an exact study of human anatomy and techniques to lose weight, the truth is that it is the result of chance. A Japanese actor, Miki Ryosuke, was suffering from various back problems, which included severe pain. In order to treat them, the doctors recommended a series of basic breathing exercises to be able to strengthen the lumbar and abdominal area in order to avoid such discomforts.

Origins of the breathing method

What was surprising for the actor, in only a few days he began to see reduced the volume of his abdomen and realized that he had lost weight considerably. So he saw the possibility of offering these exercises in a video and ensuring people that he was losing the weight without changing his diet or needing expensive associated products. Just by breathing in some concrete positions that we explain below.

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