Published 2017-07-07
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Wow! Success in LOVE can be read from my hand!

Future is so mysterious that many of people wish to know what it hides before something will happen. Reading from a hand is one of the most popular divination and reading techniques of telling the future. Of course, some people doubt this method, but there are also numerous followers of reading the future from the palm of your hand. The most important lines on the hands are a line of life, line of head, line of heart.

Wow! Success in LOVE can be read from my hand! 1

The line of life means nothing other than life expectancy. It indicates vitality, health and willingness to live. From the line of the head, we can read the innate ability of a person, her intelligence, and state of knowledge. A properly long line can indicate whether a person spends a lot of time analyzing their behavior and thinking about every aspect of their lives. The third, most important line is the line of the heart that speaks of the person's spiritual and emotional state and the success in love.

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Wow! Success in LOVE can be read from my hand! 2

Most questions, especially women, we have in the field of love. One of the biggest mysteries we would like to know is who we will live with, what our partner will be like, and if we will have a good relationship. Finally, in love everything is possible. You can know this by reading your future with a line of heart on your hands. Connect both hands to see how the lines of heart fit and check what this means below.

Lines of heart at one height

Lines of heart at one height

More than 45% people of the earth's population after joining hands discover that their love lines are at the same height. Such a laid line means the ability to maintain long-term relationships and being in a relationship without turbulent transitions and problems. People with a line or heart at one height are calm and serene by nature, never raise their voice and try to enjoy every moment of their lives.

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Lines of heart at one height 1

People with such lines adore their partner, they love to care for him and look after their loved ones. They are extremely friendly and sensitive to the needs of others. They grow in love. They are also realistic and rarely use imagination. They require from their partner to accept them as they are. If they find the right person they will make a relationship which will be very happy.

Right line of heart upper than the left one

Right line of heart upper than the left one

Three out of ten people after joining hands can see that they do not overlap. The line of heart on the right hand is slightly higher than one on the left hand. What does this mean? Well, that person has made many mistakes in their relationships, but the good thing about such situations is that they receive the lesson of life, and will not repeat the wrong solutions in the future. Despite the initial failures in love, a person with such a line layout has a chance for a harmonious and stable relationship.

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Right line of heart upper than the left one 1

If you have such a line of heart on your hand then you will create the best relationship with someone older than you. Your several years older partner is smarter and more experienced, knows more about life, and you can learn from him a lot. In friendship you value honesty and integrity, you are tolerant of diverse attitudes and views. You like a life full of intense experiences.

The left line of heart is higher

The left line of heart is higher

The most common situation is when the line of a heart on the left hand is higher than the right one. Two of the most important distinguishing features of people with such a line of the heart are courage and strength. If you are the owner of this type of lines then you belong to people who like challenges and often take the greatest risk. You like to prove the rest of the world your extraordinary value.

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The left line of heart is higher 1

When it comes to relationships, the most attractive ones to you seem to be the one that is similar to yours. The one that will like what you do and have the same values. Your partner must be strong, attractive, athletic and risk-averse. You will be well connected with a younger partner who will share with you all your passions. You can also enter into a relationship with some attractive foreigner.

The left line of heart is higher 2

What did you read from your hands? Remember that the success of the relationship is determined primarily by the behavior of the person, his culture, and respect for the beloved. But even if you do not believe in this divination, you can treat it as a good excuse to start a conversation about love and relationships. It may happen that you will find out about the partner something interesting.

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The left line of heart is higher 3
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Neha Yadav
Neha Yadav 7/26/17, 6:09 AM
Lines of heart at one height
Sreedhar Somasundaram
Sreedhar Somasundaram 7/25/17, 6:09 AM
Where is the answer ????
Abubakar Siddiq
Abubakar Siddiq 7/25/17, 6:09 AM
Check out Mohammed FaiZaan
Bibish Chandran
Bibish Chandran 7/25/17, 6:09 AM
Neha which one is yours???
Neha Yadav
Neha Yadav 7/26/17, 6:09 AM
Lines of heart at one height
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar 7/24/17, 6:08 AM
I fall in second category pic.
Chahat RK
Chahat RK 7/24/17, 6:08 AM
Mat kar bharosa haathon ki lakiron par.. Nasib unke b hote hain jinke hath nhi hote...
Jabur Sayyed
Jabur Sayyed 7/24/17, 6:08 AM
Love also suceeds for those who dont have hands
Ammy Upadhyay
Ammy Upadhyay 7/23/17, 6:08 AM
Shivangi mera toh yaha acha hi news dikha rha hai but pata nai real life me kya ho rha hai mere sath
Payal Rani Pattnaik
Payal Rani Pattnaik 7/23/17, 6:08 AM
But where iis the reply?
Sanket Bhede
Sanket Bhede 7/22/17, 6:07 AM
Rohit Kukreja tera kya hai be
Rohit Kukreja
Rohit Kukreja 7/22/17, 6:07 AM
Tu meri tension mt le re bhai
Rohit Kukreja
Rohit Kukreja 7/22/17, 6:07 AM
Tu meri tension mt le re bhai
Kangkan Sarma
Kangkan Sarma 7/22/17, 6:07 AM
My lines don't The middle one.
Anuj Ashu Patial
Anuj Ashu Patial 7/22/17, 6:07 AM
Babe ta tuga esa kuch b ni onda
Sweety Isha
Sweety Isha 7/22/17, 6:07 AM
2nd pic is match with me.
Samanta Agarwal
Samanta Agarwal 7/22/17, 6:07 AM
i have the first one
Sabi Chutia
Sabi Chutia 7/22/17, 6:07 AM
If those lines predicts abt ur future...thn wht about the future of people without hand?
Nishu Verma
Nishu Verma 7/21/17, 6:07 AM
Midle... wt its mean
Rekha Ponnamudi
Rekha Ponnamudi 7/20/17, 6:06 AM
I have the middle one bt I was failed in my love
Atulya Kumar
Atulya Kumar 7/20/17, 6:06 AM
Neither of three Avnii
Shivali Mishra
Shivali Mishra 7/19/17, 6:06 AM
Bhavya R palmistry!!
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