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TEST: What kind of person is right for you?

The theme of love is a mystery to us all. Especially when we enter the adolescent stage, we feel for the first time that need to look for a person with whom we would like to share good and bad moments. That way, little by little, we enter the world of romantic love and pick up experiences both pleasant and painful that in the future help us to create a more stable love relationship. However advanced we may believe in the art of love, for everyone it remains a huge field to explore and filled with incomprehensible mysteries.

TEST: What kind of person is right for you? 1

Before we give you any kind of test, especially those that are similar to this one, we try it for ourselves, just to see how accurate it is. And also because we are quite interested in knowing what kind of people we are ourselves. (We’re pretty cool by the way if you were wondering.) If it makes you feel any better, a couple of us tried it and these tests are surprisingly true, at least half of it, if not the whole thing. So we're pretty excited for you to try it out too! The test below is how to find the perfect person for us. Do the clues to the right person lie in our personality? It turns out that it does and you will be able to discover them with our small test.

Look at the image below and what you see first can reveal something about the person you are looking for!

1. Lovers in the Sky

The first image we want to describe is a picturesque sky adorned with a pair of lovers who are looking at each other with love, possibly preparing to kiss each other. Their faces are illuminated with orange and yellow by the beautiful setting sun, making the scene more romantic and sensual. It is also one of those scenes that give the impression that it is going to fade in a few moments.

1. Lovers in the Sky

If the first thing you have noticed has been this picturesque sky, it is likely that you will fall in love with a person who is older than you. You need someone who is mature because you have experienced the youthful and unstable flirtations and those do not interest you anymore, or you are simply a person very oriented to a relationship with great dedication to the other person. To make you feel happy, you need someone just as mature and stable, so you will most likely find those characteristics in a person who is a little older than you.

If you also saw another detail, find out what it means on the Next page!

1. Lovers in the Sky 1

2. Lovers in the waves

The scene of lovers in the waves is the most daring, full of passion and love compared to all of the other details that can be found in the image. We can see that the foam of the waves forms the image of a man and woman intertwined in a loving embrace, accompanied by a sensual kiss. We will not go into more detail as to the possible metaphor or scene that is taking place, but we are sure that your thoughts are very joyous if you have unconsciously directed your gaze directly to this scene first. And the truth is that they are almost all positive information for you and your love life.

2. Lovers in the waves

You are simply compatible with everyone, no age preferences or previous experience. You are an open person who has no difficulty with communication and your love is waiting for you just around the corner. You open yourself to the possibility of being with anyone you come across and it will grow into something beautiful just from a simple conversation. This makes you a person who is more prone to experience difficulty when it comes to love because you wear your heart on your sleeve. You may have gotten your heart broken a few times but you will overcome them without a doubt.

If you saw more than one element, go to the Next page to see the rest!

2. Lovers in the waves 1

3. Lovers on the beach

It is possible that you immediately noticed the two lovers who are holding hands and walking towards the sea water. They are a relatively small element in the picture, but in any case, it is possible that your view was attracted there even before you could see the other details that are in the picturesque landscape. What does this mean for you in love? We will describe it to you below.

3. Lovers on the beach

Although the lovers at the beach at first seem very different from each other, your situation in love is exactly the opposite. Which is not as bad as you think. The best thing for you is to find someone very similar to you to share your life with. It is best that you have the same interests and the same point of views when it concerns the most important issues of life. It is obvious that it is almost impossible to find someone whose opinions are exactly the same and especially in love, but in your case, it is better to be with someone very similar to you for your relationship to develop.

Not many people would have seen the Next element!

3. Lovers on the beach 1

4. Two dolphins

The more we look at the image, the more we feel like going to a beach. It's the summer after all! Okay so let's stop daydreaming and get back to the test. If some of you saw the pair of dolphins surfing the waves then you have a very good eyesight! LOL, just kidding! Maybe they were the first element you noticed in the picture because it means something, so what does it mean for you?

4. Two dolphins

Your subconscious is telling you that you need someone who is of a younger heart than you. You need someone with imagination, freedom, and passion for inspiring you when it comes to love. These qualities can often be attributed to younger people, although it is not necessarily with regards to age. It is a person who awakens you to live and love. However, do not forget that you can fit well with anyone with whom you want, the points in this article are simply suggestions of the type of person that is perfect for you.

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4. Two dolphins 1
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