Published 2017-07-12
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Nine FAKE photos that have won recognition in the world!

The Internet is filled with real, just as important, information and also unfortunately with total nonsense one. That is why it is hard to be able to distinguish meaningful messages from those untrue. Especially difficult it is in the case with pictures. Many of them, published in the net, gain immense popularity, or they win contests, even if they are crafted. Although their creators show ingenuity, we can only laugh that we have been fooled.
Here are 9 photos that touched people all over the world, but they were a lie.

1. Great shark emerging from the water

This photo immediately after its release was shared as a National Geographic magazine Photo of the Year. But in this case, nothing was true. The picture did not get such a prize, its alleged creator does not exist, and the photo itself is a photo montage! Actually, it was a digitally-created image from a 3D graphic artist on Shutterstock. You can see more of his works there. Totally false information but delightful as well.

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2. Fraud with a winning photo of the plane

Nearly two years ago, Nikon Singapore awarded photographer Chay Yu Wei for a picture in which he captured the perfect moment when the plane flies in the ladder frame of Chinatown. Unfortunately, the photo turned out to be a photomontage, and it was pretty bad because the Internet users immediately pointed the company for a mistake. If you look closely you will see a white rectangle around the plane in the center of the frame. Angry people have created a mass of memes showing the lack of professionalism in this case. Thanks to such publicity, the company and the photographer publicly apologized.

3. A purposeful typo or a deliberate way of attracting attention?

This picture has circulated the world as a super comedy. How could a college architecture building have a wrong sign? People share this picture by mocking students and laughing at the creators. Meanwhile, the mistake was made specifically to show architects not to take their work too seriously. What's more, a picture of the corrected sign that appeared on the web later, was a scam.

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4. Controversial lion

Some time ago on the Internet appeared a picture showing the process of logo creation in MGM movie studio with a lion. It looks very frightening, so the network raised screams of indignation. We assure you that this is not true and that this film company has never done anything like that. The photo was taken at a veterinary school in Israel, where a lion was subjected to research. This is exactly a very unpleasant manipulation.

5. Eternal living stars

Although we would like to see these two icons together once, these images are only a product of human desires and imagination and nothing more. There are thousands of pictures on the Internet, both Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, which connect them with different people but never been true. In this case, however, this is not a harmful manipulation, and we must admit that's quite an adorable one.

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6. Touching words that have been never spoken

When actor Alan Rickman passed away, people all over the world, and especially Harry Potter fans were agitated. In order to commemorate the actor, they were sharing photos with his utterances. Of course, this is a nice gesture, but not all of these quotes were true. Like the one from the photo below. Although the actor played a teacher of Defence Against the Dark Arts in the series, he was known to never read any Harry Potter book.

7. Yeti found! Are you sure about that?

This photo was posted by Spanish website ForoCoches to show a Yeti at the Formigal ski resort. It was a simple ejaculate to click, and this is not a real Yeti. However, if you still do not see why this is not a real picture, take a look at the footprints in the snow. It was simply a joke for the photographer and for the person who got dressed up. And good fun for those who shared this photo further.

How the Himalayas from outer space looks?

8. Himalayas you will never see

In 2016, this photo was spread out on the Internet as the picture of the Himalayas from outer space. Meanwhile, according to Gizmodo portal, it is a total fraud. In addition, the picture is a computer generated image from circa 2006. We totally agree that that the picture is so good that it is hard to believe it's fraud. But now that you know the truth, you probably can see his artificiality.

9. Unnecessary giving meaning for beautifulness

This beautiful photo was taken from the Prohodna Cave in Bulgaria, which is called the “Eyes of God”. The place is totally real, but the moon that we can see there is fake. It was photoshopped. And although it is described as a fantastic miracle of nature, this time the fantasy has a different meaning here.

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