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The one golden rule BOLLYWOOD celebs follow to keep their fitness in check!

We all long for a beach body that we want to flaunt. If not, at least look similar to those of celebs. Noted that we all don’t have the access or means to personal trainers, nutritionists, and health experts, but there are some things that all we have to do is Google, and we have everything at our fingertips. Unfortunately, some tips are either total nonsense or just does not work for our type of body.

The one golden rule BOLLYWOOD celebs follow to keep their fitness in check! 1

If you are trying to get a flatter tummy, reduce weight, or even keep your weight in check, there is one simple rule that celebrities swear by. And it has nothing to do with exercise or strict dieting. Though a little of that is needed to be in good health. But scientists and studies show that eliminating this one element completely from your life could be much more beneficial for the health.

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The one golden rule BOLLYWOOD celebs follow to keep their fitness in check! 2

The one food celebrities have reduced or completely eliminated from their diet is red meat. You may have heard or read about it several times that red meat is much more harmful to health. And it is. It not only prevents you from losing weight and keeping fit but is also a big risk for your heart. It increases the bad cholesterol in the body and unwanted hormones in the body. These bad hormones found in red meat increases cancer risks drastically.

The one golden rule BOLLYWOOD celebs follow to keep their fitness in check! 3

Celebrities like Bipasha Basu, Sidharth Malhotra, Sonam Kapoor and John Abraham have completely eliminated red meat from their diets. And lives. Okay so we might have been exaggerating a little over there, but the truth is they don’t eat red meat anymore. We are not trying to influence our readers to follow this rule in any way, but just making you aware of the side effects it can cause.

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You don’t have to completely remove the food from your diet, but it has been advised to reduce the consumption of it by many doctors and there are studies that show proof. Apart from the health conditions mentioned on the previous page, red meat or processed meat also increases the risk for type 2 diabetes. Since consuming red meat has become popular, obesity among people has increased too, and this itself creates a lot of health problems.

The one golden rule BOLLYWOOD celebs follow to keep their fitness in check! 4

Anushka Sharma, who is a foodie herself, just like all of us and does not do any kind of strict diets. All she does to be in shape is eat home cooked meals, drinks 3 liters of water for detoxification and the exercise to be fit. She prefers this over processed foods which most people usually like. Almost all celebs are health freaks, and most of them keep fit in a proper and healthy way. So we can be sure that this tip actually works!

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The one golden rule BOLLYWOOD celebs follow to keep their fitness in check! 5

Sonam Kapoor’s healthy lifestyle routine consists of at least 30 mins of cardio every day, yoga, swimming and dance exercises. She eats everything in moderation and avoids red meat, processed foods and too much of salt and sugar in her meals. If she really does follow this, we know it works! So to make our readers aware of the harmful effects of red meat and processed foods, we have made a list below!

1. It’s bad for your brain

1. It’s bad for your brain

Did you know that too much of iron is bad for your brain? Meat contains high amounts of iron and too much of it increases the iron levels in the brain and according to a study by UCLA, it may cause Alzheimer’s. Myelin is a tissue that coats nerve fibers. When there is too much of iron in the brain these tissues are destroyed. So moderation is the key! Too much or too little is not good for the body or our health!

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1. It’s bad for your brain 1

2. Shorter lifespan

Harvard School of Public Health found a link between red meat consumption and shortened lifespan. White meat (poultry) and fish are considered to be the healthiest if you are a non-vegetarian. However poultry can also have its side effects if chemicals are inserted, so always go for organically grown foods. It’s safe and healthy. You will also reap the benefits much better that way.

2. Shorter lifespan

Now that you know about the golden rule celebrities swear by to be in good health, you can follow it too! It’s been scientifically proven and tested so you have nothing to worry about! If you know about any other tips to be in good health please do share it with us in the comments. We would love to hear it! So what do you think about this tip? Is it helpful?

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2. Shorter lifespan 1
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