Published 2017-07-21
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The VIBRATION of your relationship based on numerology!


This is a very strong vibration for the relationship. The people, who make it, have a lot of energy and passion for action. They often work together, either running business or home. Therefore, in their relationship, there is a struggle for domination and submissiveness and even competition for who is the best in this system. If they are focused on good and important goals, their relationship can be creative and stimulating.



This digit ends the numerological cycle and describes the vibration of the couple who serves the general purpose. In such a relationship there is no room for individual needs, but for serious challenges. The pair ties an unconditional love; if they talk about the good it is only common; if the work is only for higher ideals. Often, however, a couple who wants to devote such activity is having trouble reconciling it with their daily lives. That's why it is important for them to communicate to understand themselves and their place in the world.

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