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Does my boyfriend have MOMMY issues?

Mother and son relationship is almost like the relationship the daughter has with the father. She is the first opposite gender he has seen in his life and however she acts towards him, is how he expects in his relationship to be treated. Raising a boy to a woman is something quite alien. As Berit Brogaard, D.M.Sci., Phd., a professor of philosophy and the Director of the Brogaard Lab for Multisensory Research, has written:

Does my boyfriend have MOMMY issues? 1

“There comes a time when the boy will come across to the mother as a mysterious and dangerous testosterone-filled creature that almost appears to belong to an entirely different species. It is this failure to identify with the adolescent male that makes the relationship more likely to go sour, forcing the boy to find his own path in life and build up a grandiose appearance that isn't easily threatened by the mother's huge ego.”

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Does my boyfriend have MOMMY issues? 2

Based on the researches that had been conducted, the wounds that sons suffer from is just like the ones that daughters possess but the difference is that men are less likely to seek help. They do not think of it as a problem or their ego won’t let them. Peg Streep, a New York City-based writer, has written: “Think about how confusing it must be for a man in this culture to assess a mother’s lovingness. When she scolds him at five or six for being a “crybaby”?!

Does my boyfriend have MOMMY issues? 3

Is she being unattuned, cruel, or just enforcing the masculine code? As hard as it is for daughters to push through the self-blame (“It must be my fault somehow that my mom doesn’t love me”) and the lack of support she’s likely to find (“Your mom was just trying to make you a better person by being critical”), might it even be harder for a son who has to own up to a decidedly “unmasculine” hurt?"

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Does my boyfriend have MOMMY issues? 4

A man that was raised by the mother that taught him all about respect and discipline does not have any problems in this field. However, the ones that missed on any part of mother-son relationship do! Mommy issues are the term people use to address these intimacy problems and in this article, we will try to cover some of the signs. Keep in mind that this information cannot be used to diagnosed health or mental problems.



A guy that was raised not having a mother at home or having difficulties with his mom will have problems in contraction with his partner in the relationship as well. Trust is the crucial factor of a relationship and if that is not there, so many basic relationship rules are broken! If your man needs you to constantly reassure him and let him know that you will be there for him, the problem is rooted more deeply than what you thought.

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Insecurity 1


To them, women are all the same and since they have no respect for the mom that abandoned them, they have no respect for you as well. You mostly need to prove your value to this man or else he would not even listen to a single word you say because in his perspective, you know nothing and he does not value your opinion and point of view! He may not even believe in whatever you say and double check everything!


Hard to please

This could be one of the most difficult and frustrating parts of the relationship with a guy with mommy issues! Nothing that you ever do is enough for him and there is no woman possessing the qualities he wants! You always need to do something better. For them, there is always a way that you could have done things in a more profound way than what you have already done!

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Hard to please


Since there is not a woman that can meet all his expectations then cheating would not be so out of mind for him! To him, something is always missing in the relationship no matter how perfect you try to be! To fill that missing part, he will start looking for an ideal type who is able to fix things. Thinking that would be the answer to all the problems but something is ALWAYS missing!



He has this idea of whatever his mom did to him as a child and he thinks every woman in his life will do the same! Whatever you do will end up being against him. He expects to be treated like a prince and belittling his woman is what he thinks of as the right thing to do.
Keep in mind that this information cannot be used to diagnosed health or mental problems and it is solely for the purpose of entertainment.

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