Published 2016-12-02
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5 Most happiest countries in the world

5. Finland

Happiness is not just about money or equity of happiness of people. It comes out when people are also happier in countries where there's less inequality of well-being. According to the recent World Happiness Report for 2016, Finland has once again been ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world finding itself on 5th place which is one place above than the last time. The benchmarks used to compare the happiest countries is based on reports in the 156 countries involved were per capita gross domestic product, life expectancy, social security, freedom of choice and association, generosity and trust.

According to the published World Happiness Report 2013, Finland is the 5th happiest country in the world. It's a small country with a global range. The population of Finland is just 0.07 percent of the world's population. It's an amazing place with great safety and society and also the most stable country in the world. It even has the best government in the world and minimised organised crime rate. Finland has the best press, media freedom in the world. And that is why it's listed in top 5 happiest countries in the world.

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4. Sweden

Sweden is the 4th happiest country in the world. The UN's Sustainable Development Solutions Network released its 2016 World Happiness Report and the group's fourth annual survey seeking to quantify happiness. Sweden has frequently ended up high in this kind of survey for decades and it is just because of relatively strong social support, affluence and comparatively honest and accountable governments. Sweden has topped a poll as the best livable country when it comes to serving the interests of its people while avoiding damaging impacts to other nations and the environment.

Ever since a long time Sweden records highest for positive lifestyle contributions including prosperity, equality, health and well human being, while also performing well culturally. The economic stability and prosperity of Sweden, the honest government of the country and the supportive Swedish society are responsible for being the prime factors for the country’s happiness.

3. Switzerland

You can find so many reasons behind why Switzerland is on top 3 in the list of the happiest countries. Here we can explain you few reasons. Swiss people are rich. Depending on whose opinion you trust, Switzerland comes 8th in the world rankings when it calculates to GDP per capita which is around $58,000. In the UK, GDP per capita year is just under $40,000. No wonder why people are happy there. They live longer, they have pure water, food and farms without any chemicals. Even chocolates are playing an important role here. Research has proved that chocolate causes the brain to release dopamine and no one makes chocolate quite like the Swiss.

One more hard believing reason behind this country being one of the happiest is that they have the coolest sportsman Roger Federer, the King of Tennis and they are very happy with him. The main reason of Switzerland's high GDP is that they don't interfere in any countries problem, they have not been involved in a war since 1847, and don't spend billions of pounds on the military. The working hours are as important, Swiss people work 35.2 hours per week, on average, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). They can drink perfectly pure water from any public fountain and their lakes are cleaner than most swimming pools in the world.

2. Norway

Norway favours its citizens and guests with dazzling views all through the nation, including magnificent mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, and green slopes. With just 6 million individuals occupying Norway you don't need to stress over traffic or being in an overcrowded country. Norwegians have an edified way to deal with life which is one reason Norway has a low crime rate. In this way, Norway is one of Europe's most secure nations to visit. Oil & gas makes the government a rich one. The oil reserve fund represents a profit in state budgets.

Many services are free of charges like health and education unless the taxes are paid. Education is mandatory for 10 years to every citizen. The Government of Norway gives cheap loans though the government for higher education, so that 'everybody' can afford an education if they want and are able. Democracy and a rich state make Norway score very well on rankings such as happiness and best country to live in. As the democracy and wealth are stable, the results in the rankings are too.

1. Denmark

According to 2016 survey, Denmark is the happiest country once again! Why is this country ranking 1st as the happiest people in the world? Here you can know few facts about Denmark. Healthcare and most of the stuff are free. There are small fees for some services like visiting a doctor but almost everything is subsidised. The big expenses in health, such as hospital bills and care for elders are covered by the state.
Christmas traditions in Denmark are not wildly different from those in the UK or the US, but the difference is that "a Danish Christmas will always be planned, thought of, and evaluated in relation to the concept of hygge.#

Copenhagen is a Denmark’s capital, which also serves as the country’s cultural and industrial hub. With a population of more than 1 million, Copenhagen is home to notable institutions such as the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. Denmark has several leading industries including food processing, tourism and the production of iron, steel and machinery. Its main exports are processed foods, agricultural and industrial machinery, pharmaceuticals and furniture. The Danish corporate tax rate is 24.5 percent, but its income tax rate is among the highest in the world but still this country counts as the happiest country in the world according to surveys.
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