Published 2017-07-28
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TEST: There are two tigers in this picture... can you find the second one?

1. The hidden tiger

The tiger is one of the largest cats. It is found especially in Asia, being the emblematic animal of countries such as India and Bangladesh and also being present in diverse zones of Nepal and Myanmar. One of these creatures is the protagonist of the first riddle today, although really it is necessary to say that two of them are in the image. Are you able to see the "hidden" animal or not? Only 2 out of 10 people claim to locate it within a minute...

Did you know that if we include the tail, an adult tiger could measure a whopping three meters and weigh about 250 kilos? Tigers hunt on any animal of any size. Only adults, healthy rhinos, and elephants are able to effectively defend themselves against their attack. Unfortunately, they are on the list of creatures in danger of extinction, so we have to fight for them to be longer between us. With respect to the riddle, those who speak the English language very well, probably have been able to identify the hidden tiger. The words "hidden tiger" can be read throughout animal's body.

Has this riddle fascinated you? We still have some more for you...

1. The hidden tiger
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Shivam Kashyap
Shivam Kashyap 8/4/17, 6:06 AM
The ans of 2nd fig is 32 not 35...
Mudasir Ahmad
Mudasir Ahmad 8/4/17, 6:06 AM
Tiger written by stripes over the left leg.
Pranav Kherdekar
Pranav Kherdekar 8/4/17, 6:06 AM
I saw my reflection... I am the tiger
Neha Tripathi
Neha Tripathi 8/4/17, 6:06 AM
Written on the tigers body part.....
Chirag Rasania
Chirag Rasania 8/4/17, 6:06 AM
One on d right in green eyes
Anup Das
Anup Das 8/4/17, 6:06 AM
It is written on the tiger itself
Imtiyaz Anjum
Imtiyaz Anjum 8/4/17, 6:06 AM
Hidden tiger on body of tiger.
Shabana Begum
Shabana Begum 8/3/17, 6:06 AM
The hidden tiger is written on the tiger
Shrihari Shri
Shrihari Shri 8/3/17, 6:06 AM
Tiger is written on the tiger itself
Brajbhushan Singh
Brajbhushan Singh 8/3/17, 6:06 AM
The Hidden Tiger written on the body of tiger
Ramachandran Sharma
Ramachandran Sharma 8/3/17, 6:06 AM
At the right end in the grass with yellow eyes
Amrapali Yadav
Amrapali Yadav 8/3/17, 6:06 AM
Another one can see on the grass... Right side
Jithin Jayagovind
Jithin Jayagovind 8/2/17, 6:06 AM
Its designed on the back leg
Sentilong Walling
Sentilong Walling 8/2/17, 6:06 AM
Found it... hahaha Ez....
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