Published 2016-12-04
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Some of the World's craziest festivals

3. Konaki Sumo

A tradition that is almost 400 years old, is organized in Japanese temples every year. Two Sumo wrestlers each holds a baby, faces each other, and waits to see which baby cries first. Sometimes if both babies starts crying at the same time, then the baby who cries louder than the other is the winner. It’s the time to pray for the health of the baby. It’s a belief that the more loud the baby cries, the more blessing from God the baby gets.

4. Frozen Dead Guy Days

A yearly celebration in the town of Nederland, Colorado to celebrate the discovery of the frozen corpse of Bredo Morstoel, in 1994. Celebrated on the first weekend of March there are coffin races, look alike contests as the frozen dead guy, a parade in slo-mo and everyone is even shown a documentary.

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