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Do you remember the "Human Barbie"? She got tired of it and looks like that now!

Beauty is one of the most valued qualities in today's society. According to several studies, 70% of men consider it as vital when it comes to finding a partner or getting a specific job. There is no doubt that a beautiful face and perfect measurements are a great joy for the possessor, although many think that what really matters is what is inside. For some years the "Human Barbies" have become fashionable. Who are these girls? You're probably already imagining it...

Do you remember the "Human Barbie"? She got tired of it and looks like that now! 1

The young women titled like this share enormous similarities with the popular doll created by Mattel in 1959. One of these very charismatic women is Angelica Kenova, who comes from Russia and currently is 27 years old.
In this article, we will show you story about some popular girl. And although many claim that touch-ups and long makeup sessions make this woman so beautiful, we will see that she can be pretty even with a washed face. Do you want to see it?

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The story is a Ukrainian model named Valeria Lukyanova. For some years now, this girl has been impacting both social networks and the Internet in general, mainly because of her physical appearance. Her angelic face and perfect measurements have caused many people to call her "The Barbie Woman". On her profile of Instagram, she already has a whopping more than 45,000 followers, who says much of her capacity of attraction... Let's find out more details about it!

Valeria is currently 31 years old and grew up in a humble family: her mother worked in the military sector, while her father was a builder. Since the childhood, this young woman was fascinated by the beauty of the dolls that she possessed in her room: she loved the Barbie dolls, and that was the reason why one day she decided to become one of them. Before fulfilling the dream, she completed a degree in architecture that opened many doors in the world of work for her. Do you want to see more photos of this girl and continue to know her story?

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Ten years ago, in 2007, Valeria took a part in a contest that rewarded the young woman with the most genial appearance. To her surprise, she won the victory leaving another 400 participants behind. Of course, there were many photographers there and some people related to the world of fashion, so at the end of the contest, she was asked to perform in several sessions of photos. Valeria immediately decided to accept the offer, including those sessions that were quite brave.

Immediately, the young Ukrainian became a phenomenon on the Internet, after many photographs of her leaked. Valeria is delighted with her fame and likes to charm her followers with some images, but it is not getting that easy. She is currently running a very special business: "Extracorporal travel". What's this about? She simply helps many people to relax and supposedly to move the spiritual plane. What do you think of this job?

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2013 was a year that started very well for Lukyanova, as she participated in a documentary called "Vice", which dealt exclusively with her life. Shortly thereafter, rumors spread that the girl had gone through an operating room to do a series of touch-ups on her body in order to look much better. Valeria denied all this, claiming that her beauty was natural and that she only had breast implants. Now she is very popular in Russia since she has been present in dozens of programs in this country, always talking about her experiences and the three long hours that she needs to spend to look so great.

Unfortunately, the following year was not the best for Valeria. She resolved not to consume neither drink nor food, but simply to live from sunlight and oxygen; This technique, known as Aerivorismo, was abandoned a few days later due to the impossibility of carrying it out. In the month of October, "Barbie Human" had to make a serious complaint in the police station because two men had repeatedly attacked her but luckily everything ended well.

Do you want to see how she looks without all the makeup? The natural appearance of this young woman will surprise you...

Recently, Valeria has decided to become a DJ, which has led her to be present in a large number of music halls and discos around the world. On the other hand, Lukyanova works also in a travel company that promotes travel throughout Latin America. Many of her followers have asked her repeatedly to show her face without any type of cosmetic, without the lenses and without extensions. Despite a series of reluctance at first, "Human Barbie" agreed and showed the proof that even without makeup she is a beauty.

The young Ukrainian has revealed that she weighs only 40 kilos and that she follows an exhaustive regime to maintain itself with that body mass. She also often visits the gym to a pursuit of retaining that silhouette that all fans love. Valeria has already commented that all those daily touch-ups consume many hours of her time, so she has decided to leave "the doll" from time to time. And you, do you think she looks better with or without makeup? Leave us a comment about it.

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