Published 2017-08-01
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Do you remember the "Human Barbie"? She got tired of it and looks like that now!

The story is a Ukrainian model named Valeria Lukyanova. For some years now, this girl has been impacting both social networks and the Internet in general, mainly because of her physical appearance. Her angelic face and perfect measurements have caused many people to call her "The Barbie Woman". On her profile of Instagram, she already has a whopping more than 45,000 followers, who says much of her capacity of attraction... Let's find out more details about it!

Valeria is currently 31 years old and grew up in a humble family: her mother worked in the military sector, while her father was a builder. Since the childhood, this young woman was fascinated by the beauty of the dolls that she possessed in her room: she loved the Barbie dolls, and that was the reason why one day she decided to become one of them. Before fulfilling the dream, she completed a degree in architecture that opened many doors in the world of work for her. Do you want to see more photos of this girl and continue to know her story?

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Pictures of the human Barbie after getting tired of being a doll
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